Once the great French philosopher Jean Rostand, one that was particularly allergic to the wedding, wrote: “Marriage is too discredited because it does not have something good”.
But Rostand never explained what he meant by that “something good”. The fact remains, though, that even in contemporary society, skeptical and relativist, marriage, in spite of his many detractors, continues to remain an important social reference.

A long love story

Of course, today, to guarantee it the visibility that makes the events phenomena, it is necessary officiate it in the most extravagant ways, perhaps with a dash of humor and adventure in a balloon or below the surface of the sea, or even on top of a mountain. Taking into account that it is not always easy to find an authority that lends itself to celebrate the rite in such conditions.


Celebrate the wedding, you start life as a couple. And, every year, they begin to celebrate anniversaries. With the first wedding anniversary they celebrate the wedding of COTTON. Fresh veterans from their honeymoon they can think of repeating the experience with a short, romantic trip. The ideal destination not far France.


From Paris, the Villa Lumière, where everyone speaks the language of emotion and feeling, to continue with the perfect completion of a trip to France, the castles of the Loire, real novels set in stone.

castle-1250497_960_720To finish on the French Riviera, where the protagonists become luxury and elegance and where it seems to live a modern fairy tale among the suggestions of the Principality of Monaco and the sumptuous residences of Beaulieu-sur-Mer.


For the next three years, when they will celebrate the wedding of CARTA, the second year of LEATHER, the third year, and WOOD, the fourth year, the suggestions can range from a trip in a caliente cities like Barcelona, where you can spend pleasant hours in a bit ‘of nightlife and some sangria; a sweet romantic getaway in Prague, a place that seems to have been created as a backdrop for an episode of a fairy tale; a total immersion in the scents, colors and intense fragrances of exotic atmosphere in the island of Sri Lanka, a timeless place, full of spirituality and sensuality together.


The marriage of SETA, the fifth year, evoke a classic romance that will choose without hesitation as a destination Venice, the city that is reflected in the sea in an entanglement of narrow streets and bridges suspended between ancient and sumptuous palaces.


The sixth to ninth year of marriage they go through a bit ‘all metals, from IRON to COPPER, the TIN, until CERAMICS and BRASS for the tenth year.
Many ideas for this period. One for all: a beautiful cruise through the Caribbean distant archipelagos and, to stay closer, in the quiet Aegean waters.
At the start, then, the wedding of the year following STEEL and those of LINEN and LACE respectively for the twelfth and thirteenth year.


Reached the fourteenth anniversary they are ready to celebrate the wedding of IVORY with a trip to Africa. A safari in Kenya and Tanzania, the Serengeti Park in a luxury lodge is really a must. The ingredients for the fifteenth year of marriage that of PORCELAIN however, are the right ones to organize a trip to Morocco, a country with strong colors and intense light in which to get involved daze of people and the noise in the streets and squares of the Imperial City.
TURQUOISE for eighteen years and the CHINTZ on the anniversary of the nineteen years: the perfect destination? London between shopping and walking to the museums.


Sparkling anniversary for twenty years, the marriage of CRYSTAL. And so to tradition for the twenty-fifth year of marriage, the SILVER, the appointment is with a Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan.


The thirty years, the marriage of PEARLS, require quiet destinations such as Capri and the Amalfi coast out of season in a charming hotel. The poetry of the Tuscan hills for the most precious anniversaries, from SAPPHIRE (35 years), the EMERALD (40 years), the RUBY (45 years).
Then comes the big PARTY OF wedding GOLD, to be celebrated with the exchange of wedding rings and a flight across the ocean, in America for groped their luck in Las Vegas, or in French Polynesia, sailing under the quilted sky from stars of the Southern Cross.


Ten years later, here is the marriage of DIAMOND: a real milestone, sixty years under the same roof!

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