He or she strolls with us every day and comes with us on vacation, at the sea, in the mountains, at the lake. Our four-legged friends share their lives with us daily.

So why leave them at home on the most important day? What do their “adoptive parents” say yes to life? Many couples wish to have their dog at their side during the wedding ceremony, and if it is new to us here, in the Anglo-Saxon countries the presence of four-legged friends is now taken for granted to entrust them with great responsibilities as bridesmaids or even bringing the faiths…

And many parishioners are becoming, too, who in Italy accept without too much resistance that the faithful friend attend the wedding ceremony… as long as he stays at the bottom of the church benches without barking or bothering during the rite.

Likewise, many structures welcome dogs who, licking their mustache, will thank you for shaking if some crumbs fall from the buffet table…
But it’s important to be aware that not all dogs can behave perfectly in some situations, especially in the presence of so many people and with so much food available! So how do you do it?

To prepare your dog to face the happy event serenely, you can rely on sector’s experts a few months before marriage. For this reason, in recent years, new professional figures, called Wedding Dog Sitter, have been born, providing a full service and guaranteeing couples the peace of having their dog present during the yes day. It starts with grooming, including choosing the look suitable for Fido, then going to pre-wedding educational paths to the management of the four-legged friend during the wedding. Of course his presence will have to be discreet and you will only notice it for the cheek that you are happy with next to the bride and groom. And an imprint in memory and paper will be left with photos in them in the wedding album that will enrich with shots with the hairy friend.

There are Municipalities, then, as Montecarlo in the province of Lucca, which offer great opportunities for those who love animals and want to make them participate in this extraordinary day.
In this beautiful village of medieval origin, there is the possibility to record your dog among the witnesses, with a certificate of participation.
In addition to leaving the footprint on the marriage certificate, the Fido Witness participates in all legal effects at the ceremony, then be photographed and inserted into the so-called “Online Family Animals Municipal Register”, with his presence symbolically attested by a special parchment issued by the Municipality.

Did not we convince you yet? If you just can not or do not want to bring it with you, remember the precious help of multiple pensions that deal with your pet both on the wedding day and during your absence for the honeymoon.


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