Fluid, ever-changing and very charming: it is the glass, an ancient material with imperfect perfection. We do it to tell by the glassworker master Concetta Malorzo, a slim and very stylish lady, but above all one of the very few women to shape, in her studio in the heart of Brindisi, this material.

The glass, an ancient material with imperfect perfection

Her “artistic gesture” is completely dedicated to the glass, between opacity and roughness games. She takes her inspiration from the sea, by its glitter, its transparency, its magnificent palette of colors, from its alternate between brightness and opacity. That is no accident, are all features that Maria Concetta, who has always lived by the sea, found in her glass, in her creations. Her challenge? Giving a new aesthetic to transparency and to the precious material that is glass.


“I respect it and I exploit all” – she says to us. And just the idea of saving energy and to recycle glass is born Arre.Tu project, in collaboration with the professor Specchiarello of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Salento. The name refers to a dialect of Salento which means again. In fact, they create new objects, such as trays, from the fusion of glass bottles recovered from wineries of Brindisi. Thus the peculiarity of these furnishings is to be generated by the use of an object of disposal returning it to a new life.

vetro d'arte

But how did this long love story between Maria Concetta and glass?

“Jailbird was a trip to Zurich, during which I visited the Fraumunster abbey church and I was fascinated by the stained glass windows by Marc Chagall” – she reveals to us.

From there to decide to experience firsthand the ancient technique of glass in the lead up churches was short.

And the techniques used today by the master of glass to create her original objects often the result of experiments, are derived from extensive studies. Maria Concetta has followed a training course in Florence on the decoration of glass and then she specialized in the School of the Centro Nacional del Vidrio in Barcelona. Natural and compulsory was the transition in Murano glassworks to learn the glass blowing methods and murrina technique. Then another important step was the participation in the workshops of the Creative Glass School in Zurich, held by great Australian maestro Gilles Bettiston.

vetro d'arte

“I like living in my city, I feel protected, but at the same time I love to travel, move, learn about places and cultures, satisfy curiosity, to discover the stories. And from all this I draw inspiration for my creations”.

She also likes to teach and expand artistic knowledge through her role as President of the Regional Artistic and Traditional Handicrafts of her trade association, a position to which she added that the Adviser of the Chamber of Commerce of Brindisi and President of Entrepreneurship Commission female of the same corporation.
“Now all my efforts are focused not only to support and promote women’s entrepreneurship artisan, but to realize a dream in the drawer for a long time: an artisan and artistic laboratory in Brindisi equipped for melting glass with a furnace for blowing fed from natural fuel and an international school of higher education in applied arts with prestigious lectureships”.

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In short, one of it ago and one hundred think of it! Meanwhile we enchante themselves to shift our gaze from one to other creation: all reflect funneling light on the shiny and smooth surface. It almost seems to be immersed in an aquarium, where colorful and luminescent fish float and dance around. Re-emerged on the surface we continue our chat.

What are the techniques that Maria Concetta prefer? “My goal is to explore new possibilities, especially emotional, for which space from the cold decoration to more elaborate works in Tiffany technique perfecting an old very delicate glass, grisaille. Then very beautiful works are those in which I use the technique and painting with hot enamel and insertions in gold, silver and platinum”.

As we say goodbye reminded to me the sentences of the book “Castles of anger” by Baricco: “it is the magic of glass, protecting without imprisoning, stay in one place and can be seen everywhere. And ‘ruse, nothing else. If you want something, but you are afraid, you have only to put a glass in the middle; you will go and close yet remain safe. It ‘a way to save themselves: desires take refuge in there, away from fear: a wonderful and transparent den”.

vetro d'arte

In this hole we entered and we also enjoyed us all this magic. Thanks Maria Concetta!

Maria Concetta Malorzo
Vetri d’Arte
Largo San Paolo 3, Brindisi
Tel. +39 0831 523097 – info@artistadelvetro.com


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