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Places visited within the borders of our homeland, Puglia, discovering every day a clove more.


To Ruffano to pick up the thread

Returning to Ruffano made us pick up the thread from where we left off. In fact, we had told you about the town and how the amount of stately buildings and churches in its...

Sailing on the wind on board Cloud9

The boat is one of the favorite means of this summer of 2020. The reason is easy to say: a beautiful boat moored in the harbor or which is spinning away with the wind...

Carovigno to live

Around Carovigno extends a veritable archaeological park of living trees, older than the buildings and monuments that arise in the village. They are centuries-old olive trees, with magnificent trunks and imposing foliage, unfortunately today...

Carovigno, the city of ‘NZegna

Carovigno has been called a precious architectural synthesis. It is enough to walk through the streets and small squares of its historic center to realize how apt this definition is: to an attentive observer...

Cisternino to live

The countryside around Cisternino is very fragrant: holm oaks, carob trees, strawberry trees, lentiscus trees, olive trees and rows of vines are the backdrop to dense hairpin bends where you often have to climb...

Cisternino, the balcony over the valley

For our walk between the town and the districts scattered throughout the area dotted with trulli, vines, olive trees and Mediterranean scrub, Cisternino welcomed us with its best livery: the intense blue of the...

Apricena to live

The history of Apricena must be deepened with a tour in the surroundings. Moreover, you cannot speak of the city without referring to its stone and its quarries, given that it represents the second...

Apricena, the city of stone

Apricena, a town nestled between the first layers of the Gargano, the mirror of Lake Lesina and the sea, boasts an ancient and long history. Here, in fact, in an area called Pirro Nord,...

Rocchetta Sant’Antonio to live

Rediscover the pleasure of moving without haste and with a wandering spirit. Where is it? In the surroundings of Rocchetta Sant'Antonio, suburb of the Subappennino Dauno inserted by the Italian Touring Club among the...

Rocchetta Sant’Antonio, “the poetic”

We have been to Rocchetta Sant’Antonio twice and in two different seasons, according to us the best to capture the most intense atmospheres of the landscapes: autumn and spring. And in both cases we...