Lesina e Varano
Lesina e Varano
A nord del Gargano
Noi a Otranto

The “resurrected” Basilica in Siponto

When for the first time I've seen in pictures the reconstruction of the early Christian Basilica of Siponto, artist Edoardo Tresoldi work's, I am not particularly impressed. It felt more like an optical effect...
cantine e castelli

West surprises between land and sea

On the Ionian side of the High Salento, after exploring the sea side (https://www.cittameridiane.it/en/clear-fresh-and-soft-waters/) it is no less the inside, to visit in the late afternoon, in the light of sunset that makes everything...
Puglia d'acqua dolce

Clear fresh and soft waters

There is a Puglia that really few people know. Where the landscape is dominated by the brackish water that shines through the thick reeds and by the flight of marsh birds. It's Apulia of...

Sardinia: old charm and souvenirs

A full day is dedicated to Alghero, a city with unique charm that still preserves the memory of his Catalans past. The best way to visit is to board a horse-drawn carriage: you can...

Wonderful Sardinia

After tasting the Sardinian hinterland, we treated ourselves to the sea. And we reached Torre Pelosa, built on the islet that emerges in the narrow strait that separates Sardinia from Asinara. For a long...

Sardinia to be discovered

You can not think of exploring Sardinia in just one week. So, before going, we have defined our tour by opting for the northern part of the island and giving priority to everything that...

Gravina, city of many faces – part two

Back above ground we were lucky enough to be able to peek inside the Library Finya, one of the symbols of Gravina and one of the oldest libraries of Puglia rich of a library...

Gravina, city of many faces – part one

Puglia: beyond the sea there's more! Yes, because there is Puglia more hidden, secret and fascinating of the ravines that are the most beautiful routes in this land. And Gravina in Puglia is called...

Otranto for 4 days “Italian house” of Aquabike

The aquabiking is a discipline which has become the leading motorboating number of practitioners: there are 25 thousand members in the world and the 250 riders representing 28 countries. It is two consecutive years...

Oriental fortresses

Archaeological sites, cathedrals, palaces, villas, farmhouses, fortresses represent the most typical images of Puglia. Do not miss visiting castles, to be won over by their charm and darkness of a thousand legends that lurk...

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