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Life changes Along the road

How important is meeting the right person or the wrong in life? And since can you decide in the first person? Black or white, no-compromise? All these questions can not answer Olivia Rovelli, the...

Up and down in “Lucania fuori strada”

Read the book "Lucania fuori strada" by Vittorio Stagnani and Corrado Palumbo and published by Progedit, it makes you understand how most of the time is not have to venture far from home to...

The spicy cedar scent

'Cedrospeziato. The story of my kitchen' is the book of Sabrina Vasciaveo, in which the author, foodwriter with a passion for gastronomy and Apulian doc tells dishes and memories of the kitchen of her...

In the suitcase: “Il mondo visto di Traversa”

Read travel stories of Michele Traversa is like taking a cold shower on a hot summer afternoon. Or like a cold beer by the sea followed by a slice of icy watermelon, perhaps in...
Francesca Malerba

Salento Rock by Francesca Malerba

I came back recently in Galatina. And there is a before and an after. Before reading the book "Salento Rock. Gone away without saying goodbye" by Francesca Malerba published by Kurumuny, Galatina for me...

The origins of the tarantula

The book "Gioconda miseria - il Tarantismo a Taranto XVI-XX secolo" by Antonio Basile, professor of Cultural Anthropology at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce, published by Progedit, takes us on a journey...

The life… new line by Angelisa Loschiavo

The book "The blue, the tree and new line" by Angelisa Loschiavo published by Giazira Scritture, does form fully part in our "LettureontheRoad" because it describes a journey, physical, to an island, but also one interior...

Around the World in 80 islands

Autumn is the season when most people think to travel: with nostalgia for those of the summer just passed, and with a certain pleasure to those to make preparation for the extra long week-ends...

To the roots of cocoa

Reading "The culinary art of chocolate. Stories and recipes" published by Progedit and written by Pietro Semino, avid traveler and gourmet as well as presenter of radio as a commentator gastronome, watering in the mouth...

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