Fuori Rotta: sea to drink and Bau Beach


Fuori Rotta gave us the opportunity to discover a corner of paradise on earth. But what is even more beautiful is that this eden can be shared with your four-legged friend.

Bau Bau Beach in Campomarino di Maruggio

Fuori Rotta

From this season, in fact, an area entirely dedicated to those who want to take their furry friend with them to the beach has been set up in this historic beach in Campomarino di Maruggio. So even our faithful companions with tails can enjoy the wonderful bay with white and impalpable sand like talcum powder and a sea to drink that shows off all shades of blue and green, up to the farthest border towards the horizon, where the dark blue of the deepest water dominates.

In short, thanks to people like Annibale Italiano, the owner of Fuori Rotta, this year Puglia is more pet friendly and truly 4All, that is, for everyone, as a lucky slogan from a few years ago unfortunately remained on paper.
Luckily, private entrepreneurs who have faced the difficult bureaucratic process in order to satisfy all their customers, two and four-legged, have thought to fill the void.

When we arrived at Fuori Rotta with our Otto, Annibale immediately met us and led us to the Bau Bau Beach, the portion of the beach where each station has a large fenced area with maxi sunbeds, table with chairs and bamboo umbrellas. And for dogs, bowls for food and water are made available together with sachets to collect droppings as well as a very comfortable hand shower with ozonated water to rinse the fur from the residues of salt and sand and fill the bowl keeping it always fresh and clean.

Fuori Rotta

Fuori Rotta

The area in front of the beach, next to the mobile jetty and bordered by buoys, is where dogs can bathe together with their owners without “invading” the areas where the usual customers swim, who have the largest part available of the beach.

All together amiably, however, you can access the restaurant which is also a bar and fruit shop, to enjoy a snack, enjoy a drink or an ice cream, lots of fresh fruit and even a snack for Fido, also available to non-residents of the beach.

Fuori Rotta

The Bau Bau Beach can accommodate up to twenty dogs who enjoy their privacy together with the “humans” in fenced spaces: a unicum in Puglia since we have found similar solutions so far only on the Cote d’Azur in France where the wellbeing of our 4 legged friends have always been very sensitive.

Fuori Rotta

For dogs who get bored under the umbrella, a dog agility course has been created that allows them to let off steam in the sand dunes without creating problems for those who want to enjoy relaxation.

Fuori Rotta

And if there is still someone who does not get used to the idea that even dogs can enjoy the wonderful sea of ​​Campomarino, resign themselves: Annibale has obtained all the necessary permits to be able to build his Bau Bau Beach and he did it in the best possible way, guaranteeing all his customers, with and without dogs, adequate space and great comfort.

And then you want to put the fact of enjoying it together between the soft sand and that sea of ​​incredible clarity? Do you know what this rare phenomenon is due to? At the low salinity rate of the water that allows you to see clearly beyond 10 meters of depth.

Fuori Rotta

Fuori Rotta

A sea in which it is wonderful to immerse oneself but also only to look at it up to the horizon where it kisses the sky, turning from turquoise to blue, gives serenity and well-being. Then, especially to what is called the controra, when in the early afternoon all the contours fade and the air becomes immobile, turning your gaze towards the ground and seeing the view of the blue dome that stands out in the even bluer sky, you feel a sense of loss. So you ask yourself: do I dream or am I awake? And above all, where am I?

Fuori Rotta

Annibale Italiano played with Arabesque shapes and colors that make you travel with your mind and memories to other more exotic shores: they reminded me of Sidi Bou Said’s Tunisia. But then just take a look on the other side and the Torre delle Moline, the symbol of Campomarino di Maruggio, brings you back to Puglia.

The beach seems to embrace this tower which stands out for its particular shape from the others on the coast and built during the reign of Charles V to spot the Saracen ships and the possible dangers coming from the sea in time. It so called because in this area the stones for the construction of the mills for the grinding of cereals were obtained from the rocks. And still today it remains an imposing element in which sea and land meet.

What to say more? We can’t wait to go back to Fuori Rotta’s Bau Bau Beach in Campomarino. And not just us! Otto, every time he sees us preparing the necessary for the sea, looks at us with the hope of being able to come and enjoy that truly unique space where you can have fun, play and swim together!

Fuori Rotta
Via del Riccio – Campomarino di Maruggio (Ta)
Info: +39 099 9716037 – +39 0831 817687
www.fuorirottacampomarino.com – info@fuorirottacampomarino.com

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