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Our suggestions to spend a day or a weekend at a stone’s throw from home.


Matera, a rock-carved city

As Città Meridiane is the third time that we visit Matera. But we have been there many times and always have seen and "discovered new things" in this city from the manifold soul: Civita...
Da Matera a Montescaglioso

From Matera to Montescaglioso – second episode

Between Matera and Montescaglioso, there are about eight thousand hectares characterized by deep cliffs, waterfalls, ravines and caves. Among these, the splendid Crypt of the Original Sin which we have already spoken (https://www.cittameridiane.it/matera-la-cripta-delle-meraviglie/) with...
Da Matera a Montescaglioso

From Matera to Montescaglioso

We returned to Matera (our first tale: https://www.cittameridiane.it/tra-i-sassi-di-matera/), because it is a magical city that exerts an irresistible charm and today, preparing for his role Capital of Culture in 2019, is more attractive and...
la storia bandita

The History Banned a stone’s throw from home

To greet the summer we recommend a day full immersion in nature and history. Where? In Brindisi di Montagna in Basilicata where this year in the Parco della Grancia was replicated the enthralling show of...

Matera: the crypt of the wonders

In the morning, when you wake up, the view over the Sassi where the Cathedral dedicated to the Madonna della Bruna looms over,is priceless. Then, through the stairs carved in the stone and twisted...

Wandering about in the Sassi of Matera

There is always a good reason to visit Matera. Whether you go for the first time or return for a walk, the city of the Sassi always reserves beautiful surprises! In addition, it should be...
Giardini di Ninfa

Ninfa: beyond the garden

In 2010 New York Times called it the most beautiful and the most romantic garden of the world. Now, in late spring, lights and colors lighting up the ruins, bridges and pools of spring...
la cutura

La Cutura: the Tropic here with us

"If you want to be better than us, dear friend, traveling!" - so told Goethe. To regenerate body and mind with a “green” break, there is no need to dream exotic and far away...

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