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The proposals according to our style with reviews of products and services tailored to travelers, but also accessories created exclusively for Città Meridiane and suggestions for souvenirs out of the box.

Acqua del Giglio

Acqua del Giglio: extracts of nature

It is called Acqua del Giglio the new cosmetic line, one hundred percent Italian, of natural products born in May on the island and inspired by the Mediterranean tradition. From the nature of the island...

Meraky’s weaves

It could only begin with the opening of a scenic black box, shiny and smooth, the meeting between myself and Emilia Paolicelli, half of a project by the suave name, Meraky, thought together with...
Acqua dell'Elba

Acqua dell’Elba, essences of an island

Happy as a clam! Can it be said even out of season? Because that's exactly what I felt when I was delivered to my beautiful box Acqua dell'Elba label. And just from the wrap and...

Make-up lesson

The make-up session with Suzana Neziri, a graduate make-up artist at The London School of Make-up in London, has now become a real make-up lesson! Suzana Neziri's make-up Besides, it could not be otherwise: I literally...
Emozioni in libertà

When emotions run in freedom

In the bags of Emozioni in Libertà created by Maria Rosaria and Anna Elisa Ciullo thanks to the valuable collaboration of Eleonora De Santis, there is a taste of freedom and simplicity. Emozioni in Libertà,...

Boblu: scissors, paper and fantasy

Boblu is a sound that immediately remembers Mina's famous song The thousand blue bubbles! But in reality it is an acronym that brings together in a very musical word the names of the two...

Mirodìa, according to nature

Our age of innocence is childhood. And often the most beautiful scents are related to this period of life. They are the ones that take us back in time, that make us reminded tender...

OOD: the future is wood

Diana Vreeland, the legendary editor of "Vogue," said that "the accessories are the most powerful form of expression of fashion". They know well Marta and Marcello Antonelli who, with their brand OOD® produce well...
Rossi: cancelleria dal 1931

Rossi, the art of beautiful writing

We like to tell family stories, in which the main ingredients are creativity and craftsmanship. It could, therefore, not tempt us that of Rossi, a brand "for connoisseurs", which since 1931 tells the Italian...

The contagious joy of PIT-POP

PIT-POP seems almost onomatopoeic name for the sound of uncorking a bottle of sparkling wine, then imagining the joy and celebration that is created around it. Instead it is a project of Digital Pop...

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