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Oggi parla per noi

This space is dedicated to anyone who wants to tell his travels and his experiences.


Postcards from Prague – part one

The views of a trip are always curious and personal. Why something strikes our attention excluding others, it remains a mystery and resorts to our vision of the world or perhaps recalls deepest needs. "I...

Cuba, tropical diary by Maricetta Pomes

Traveling is a school of humility, does touch the limits of their understanding, the precariousness of the schemes and tools by which a person or a culture presumed to understand or judge the other....
Concerto per L'Aquila

Three pianos for three musicians

Expectations, "the first" always something mysterious, undefined. They are charged with energy and magnetism and remain suspended to fill the air. The places live themselves of voices and new visions that scan the stage...
Viaggio in bici

The trip that change you: Giovanni Carone tells us his journey

There is a very special kind of trip that in addition to knowledge of places leads to self-knowledge. That 's what I want to tell, and that led me to bike through the roads...

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