Chi siamo - Città Meridiane

I am Rosalia, a journalist for a long, blogger for a little over three years: I write all the time, especially travelogues, with a certain freedom of interpretation on the visited places. Never by chance and with an eye to vintage, writing the old fashioned way with pen and scratchpad.

Michele is my husband, works in the technical studies for private tv station for many years and now assists me as a photographer in the blog that we created, Città Meridiane, about trips and much more. In our blog we tell you sixteen years of travel together with us our beloved Arturo, a beautiful Golden Retriever. And we do it in spite August 15 of the last year he left us. We have recently taken up our four-legged and four-legged tours together with Otto, a sweet puppy of Bernese Mountain Dog.

Rosalia Michele e Arturo

But we want to tell you how the idea was born to create a blog that tells our current and future travel experiences with an eye to the past. We started our rounds with Arturo for Italy and for Europe very soon, but his first trip ever was the one that led him from Tuscany, home to his “first” parents, to find us in Puglia: his “mother” and his “daddy” definitive. Then the capital, Rome, with his first laps on a leash and his first pee in the parks… And, again, the snow in Cortina d’Ampezzo, where he loved to dive and roll over and known, paradoxically, since we live to seven kilometers from the Adriatic coast, before the sea.

A gallery of memories that we will never abandon. A lot of stories to tell, good stories to remember. And so our blog is born, the desire to share these stories, perhaps facilitating the life and the journey, with our advice, to those who decide not to give up to have your own “hairy”. We did not ever done, except when we had to catch a plane. It would be a useless torture your dog to travel in the hold, so we limited our long-haul tour, following a slow way to travel and adding to our laps between even city parks churches and museums or stroll through the woods and countryside.

Then in the blog we tell you of the beauty and poetry that are born from the encounter with a four-legged and how, with a little ‘of organization, it is not difficult to travel with them.

The appointment is scheduled every week with the headings and the post of Città Meridiane.