‘Cedrospeziato. The story of my kitchen’ is the book of Sabrina Vasciaveo, in which the author, foodwriter with a passion for gastronomy and Apulian doc tells dishes and memories of the kitchen of her family and of her territory, the Tavoliere, the area around the city of Foggia considered the granary of Italy.

But who has the spicy cedar scent that gives the title to this text which is the first of a series composed of three volumes that will be distributed by Feltrinelli?

According to an ancient tradition every December 21 when we celebrate the passage from darkness to light in the Solstice, our ancestors were waiting for the rebirth of the Green King, the Sun King and the one who gave life, warming up the earth and making it fruitful. They lit bonfires in the fields and the crops and trees were bathed in a congratulatory toast with spicy cedar. So the spicy cedar scent is undoubtedly that of the party!

I do not know if Sabrina was inspired to this pagan practice for her blog that care for about four years, sharing with cooking enthusiasts classic recipes, information, advice, insights and reviews on everything related to the world of food. But I like to think of her as a modern fairy that instead of wandering in the woods is divided between pans, stove and the PC keyboard. And through these instruments, to which is added the book, Sabrina continues to pass dishes prepared with love and dedication. But the reader expecting to only find recipes will be surprised because the author has enriched the text of many other issues which cover the cultural identity, the need for personal affirmation through food and above all the importance has always had the banquet in tightening relations and alliances.

The food told by Sabrina in her book ‘Cedrospeziato. The story of my kitchen’ is not seen only as needed, but above all as pleasing to the eye and the palate. “With this work I want to highlight the beauty of my land and its values, such as love for the land and for the family, true strength and unfailing support in a time so complicated” – explains the author. And it does so almost intimate sharing with her readers the childhood memories from which she already shows her passion for food and love for her homeland, Puglia.

Her advice is not limited to ingredients and preparation methods but also range in areas such as nutrition for those with health problems and for people who like eating healthy and keeping an eye on your wallet as well. So the book puts on paper what each day Sabrina transmits through her blog, making use of the beautiful photographs by Anna Maria Salvatore of the Nadar photo studio.

Anyone who wants can order the book at any point of Feltrinelli sale or on Feltrinelli.it site and at the Patierno bookshop of Foggia. Finally it should be noted that the author will donate a percentage of the proceeds from the book sales to AIRC, Italian Association for Cancer Research.


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