The Stendhal syndrome is born right here


It is no coincidence that the Stendhal syndrome, the feeling of loss that the writer felt after admiring the Basilica of Santa Croce, was born here in Florence. The city, one of the most beautiful in Italy, seems to have escaped the passage of time and stroll through its streets is like going through the art and history of the Renaissance. But to Florence perfectly fits the phrase comes from the famous song by Pierangelo Bertoli “A hard-nosed”: you go around the city with one foot in the past and look straight ahead and opened in the future… Because it is able to offer new addresses and hidden corners to discover, strictly on foot.


You start from Piazza Santa Maria Novella, the basilica in the Gothic style with works by Masaccio, Ghirlandaio and Giotto and the beautiful Green Cloister frescoed by Paolo Uccello. But you go also in the officina Profumo Farmaceutica of Santa Maria Novella, a stone’s throw there, and get inspired by the scents of soaps and essences prepared according to recipes of secular traditions. From Santa Maria Novella to San Lorenzo from the unfinished facade, the path is very short. The basilica was designed by Brunelleschi, while the Cappelle Medicee, where are buried the members of the Medici family, are extensions: the New Sacristy, built by Michelangelo and the Chapel of the Principles of the next century, a marvelous octagonal room with rich inlaid precious stones and marbles. Not far is the Central Market, the historic part of the nineteenth century and the new first floor with gastronomic space that houses by the street-food to the local cuisine, which opened in 2014.


The visit continues in the direction of Piazza del Duomo, where you will be enraptured by a whirlwind of sights: the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore, Giotto’s Bell Tower and the Baptistery of San Giovanni. The perspective of this square, symbol of the Renaissance, stuns, where it seems that the huge dome of Brunelleschi emerges between the Baptistery on the left and the Bell Tower with its 85 meters of white marble, green and pink. The neo-Gothic cathedral, begun in 1296 was completed in 1436 with the dome-masterpiece by Filippo Brunelleschi, symbol of the city and visible from all angles.

But the emotions that Florence has on the visitor strolling through its streets and squares are not over…


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