in viaggio con l'ombra

A successful writer, Enrico Morgano, almost obsessive pursuit of his inspiration, goes to seek beauty and purity in Patagonia saying to his publisher that only in that place “the ink will again flow into my veins, and the blood in my pen”.

Thus begins the book “Traveling with the shadow. Travelogues from Patagonia”, published by David and Matthaus and co-written by Tina Ceraso, Roman manager of Giungano origins and Dr. Roberto Pellecchia, cardiologist and specialist in Geriatrics, with a passion for writing.

It is not the first text written by the doctor who has to his credit four more books devoted to the beaches and the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, Cilento and Sorrento. But this is the first novel processed remotely by mail, phone and software that allow you to read the same page simultaneously. Thus it was born, page after page, the sentimental plot, rather intricate, between the four characters who chase for thousands of kilometers along the Argentine territory and that at the end come together all at the same place with a surprise ending.

The journey of Morgano, which is derived from the one actually performed by the author three years ago, has the color of absence, although without his knowledge will be pursued and followed closely by the ghost-writer assigned to him by the publisher. And here the story gets complicated because the woman is believed to recognize in the writer, who uses a pseudonym in his books, the love of her youth. So she goes too, heading for adventures and misadventures.

This book is dedicated to all those who think that traveling does not make sense, because everything has already been seen and reported. Page after page will change their minds, happy to follow in their daring journey the protagonists to the southernmost city in the world: Ushuaia. Here, the last corner of the planet still semi-unexplored, in the most “primitive” of the possible destinations, the two will be lost in a world where everything is white. And in this surreal landscape of glaciers and icebergs of blues reflexes great like islands, the obsession of Morgano to meet and the equally intense than the ghost-writer Francesca Apoldio to reconnect broken threads of her life and her feelings, they will follow one after.

The fifth and huge hero of the book is the white world of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, grand and silent. And on the cover of the book, there is the image of one of the most famous lighthouses of Patagonia, that of Eclaireurs, 11 meters high, in operation since 1920, which is located off the coast of the Bay of Ushuaia, in a photo taken Pellecchia by himself that reveals the other passion of the medical writer, the photography.

But to describe the absolute innocence of the wonderful Argentine landscapes, becomes indispensable quote Melville’s Moby Dick: “And ‘this elusive quality to ensure that the white thinking, when it is separate from more benign associations and coupled with any object in itself terrible, increases this terror to the extreme limit”.

Moreover, the white color is that of mourning, because it cancels itself out and all colors. But white is also a way to start life anew. The purity of the color is not a way to search for a way, to get lost and finally return themselves. The book by Tina and Roberto, therefore, should be read as an adventure to break the ice and feel in harmony with nature. A trip to the end of the world and back.

Tina Ceraso Roberto Pellecchia
In Viaggio con l’ombra
David and Matthaus
19,90 €


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