We know very well different places of Tuscany, one of our most beautiful and appreciated in the world, there being returned over and over again in the last fifteen years. In fact, what binds us to this land, especially to the Val di Chiana and Cortona, is the fact that it was the origin of our beloved Arturo. And that’s why as a first destination without our furry third element, we chose to go back where it began our beautiful and long love affair with four legs and four-legged.

The trip to Tuscany was the first of Città Meridiane team which involved me and Michele without Arturo. And wander among the distinctive hills of the Tuscan countryside has brought us back to mind sweet images of the past, when we came in three enjoying the most exciting views, the walks between squares, streets and parks as well as the scents and flavors of the territory. Each city a remembrance: Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Pienza, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Cortona, Arezzo, Poppi, Volterra

We are confident that in the tour more than once we ran away a tear, although on this trip the places chosen were different from previous ones: we wanted to complete our personal map of the region, but also avoid places that we would remember him too!

But one exception was a must: the stop in Cortona, to spend time with Rita and Massimiliano, that is, those who have allowed us, almost sixteen years ago, to meet our Arturo, chosen in a litter of seven sisters, one wonderful boy. Thus began our adventure with him and also our wonderful friendship with his “grandparents”, owners of Vicky, his mom.

So the stories of this trip to Tuscany will migrate from that performed in the past days and those of the past, when he was there with us… Happy reading!


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