Angelisa Loschiavo I met her on the occasion of the presentation of her first book “The blue, the tree and at the head” and I felt the clear sensation of always being her friend. But the most magical thing is that it was like that for her too.

We reviewed ourselves after some time, when she told me about her second book: “Alice”, also published by Giazira Scritture. A novel with an apparently simple history, with a direct language that at times recalls fairy tales for children, set in a house that looks like a farm, inside a lot of green and full of animals.

In short, Angelisa tells stories in the manner of a fairytale but in reality reflects and makes reflect on the nature of love, death, the cycle of life and the importance of chance. And also on the hypothesis that happiness is always temporary and does not lead to a happy ending. Or maybe yes, it depends on what is meant by a happy ending.

“Alice” is not only the title of her book but also the name of the protagonist of this story told with lightness that is good for the soul in these times not exactly rosy. The author, then, plays skillfully with the stereotypes of some types of men in which Alice comes across. And the same Alice, a young student of Economics not too happy with a mother a little “cumbersome”, is dashed in a slightly naive way.

The story takes place in different environments but those described in detail are those “green”, gardens and countryside. Above all the bucolic environment, not touched by modernity, is what captures the reader who is kidnapped by the atmosphere. At times it seems that the perfumes impregnate the pages of the book and hit the nostrils carrying the reader in the world of Alice, Hannibal, Syria, Valerio, Zoe …

A world in which even the darkest part of our lives, the one dealing with death and misfortune occupies its space. We will not reveal more, but we can add that Alice will make her choices and change her life by following, as Angelisa emphasizes, the unique opportunity to live the present, thanks to love. A love that will allow you to discover the beauty of your body, music, good food. And his male alter ego, which initially wanted to escape from himself and his own destiny, ends up accepting that destiny. And he too thanks to love, but also to the resolve of Alice, a girl who displaces him and attracts him for “his absolute lack of malice”.
In short, a beautiful journey into the universe of feelings this novel, where Angelisa also gives space to friendship and filial love between father and daughter at the base of which there is always a lot of complicity.

So how did it go? I had thought of sipping the reading of the book to make it “last longer” as one would like to do with all the beautiful things. But the curiosity prevailed to know how the stories of the protagonists would have ended and I read it all in one breath!

Angelisa Loschiavo
Giazira Scriptures
€ 15.00


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