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Reviews for the tables of restaurants, but also to visit the winery, in the mill, to the gardener and anyone concerned to prepare, produce and offer food, drink, bread and butter.


Blanc: style and taste in Gallipoli

Swing a door, narrow between a white wall and a small court, and find yourself catapulted into another world... Live a spell at Blanc It happens to the Blanc Cafe & Living Store in the historic...
Antico Palmento

Red velvet cups

Our love story with wine, "Acini Spargoli Riserva 2012", and the Garofano family of the Antico Palmento Cellar, began a dinner evening at Masseria Palombara in Oria (https://www.cittameridiane.it/en/masseria-palombara-stone-memories/). Those purple red velvet cups made...

The happy buffaloes of San Giusto

It is the delicate and fragrant flavor of buffalo mozzarella tasted at Foggia during the show dedicated to street food “Libando, viaggiare mangiando” that taking us to San Giusto, in the Lucera countryside. Masseria Pavoni...
le mille voglie

The greedy Mille Voglie by Giuseppe Zippo

We went in knowing the maker of the product ranked first as the best traditional panettone of Italy in the competition "Panettone Day". No, we're not in Milan, where we held the competition between...

Not only Fiorentina

Its name is Fiorentina and is the sirloin of beef tenderloin with high minimum two centimeters and a half. But it is above all a unique steak in the world. Because unique is its...

Wines and cuisine

There are many initiatives and special experiences that you can live a Coltibuono (https://www.cittameridiane.it/en/badia-a-coltibuono-a-room-with-a-view/), related to wine and tasting, but also to food and cooking classes, visits and discovering the Tuscan territory. Wine tasting in...
ultima spiaggia

End of summer at Ultima Spiaggia

On the border of the nature reserve of the WWF "Le Cesine", overlooking the Adriatic sea of Salento which here becomes an intense blue color crystal when the wind of the earth, south wind,...
La Piazzetta

Fresh menu at Piazzetta

Born thirty years ago, the Village of Serra Alimini 1 is the more historic of Otranto, but over the years has turned into a essential attraction for those who frequents the area, enriched with...
orto in vetrina

The garden is served!

An address where do the shopping purchasing garden genuine products free from Chinese tomatoes and vegetables with pesticides? A anti-crisis shop in which the production chain is short and there is not speculation in...
Il Giardino Nascosto

In the Giardino Nascosto at Otranto

Surely one of the most beautiful corners, intimate and quiet of Otranto, in the maze of uphill streets leading to the Cathedral by the magnificent floor mosaics, the work of monaco Pantaleone. But here,...

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