Convict was a fishing expedition in the blie and crystal clear sea of ​​the Tremiti Islands where in front of the Bue Marino’s Cave the idea was launched to open in Bisceglie a refined but informal restaurant dedicating it to the monk seal, called the marine ox by the fishermen for the tapered shape, the mild behavior and the characteristic verse similar to that of a bovine.

Lucio Dalla’s chef at Bue Marino

The magnificent specimen of mammal, which gave its name to that wonder of nature that is the Bue Marino’s Cave in San Domino where it was sighted at least until 1982, would have become the protagonist of that bestiary halfway between the real and the imagery that strongly characterizes the Restaurant and Wine Bar Bue Marino, opened by Raffaele Storelli in December last year in front of the Castello Svevo-Angioino.

But it is not the only link with the islands also called Diomedee, since according to legend it was Diomedes, the brave hero of the Iliad who created them by throwing rocks from the destroyed fortress of Pergamon into the sea. The other is represented by Maurizio Mastrototaro who, in his 37-year career, many of which he spent in the Tremiti, was also the personal chef of the great Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla, who in the Apulian islands loved to spend his holidays and compose his songs.

The restaurant, perfect for contemporary lovers, has essential interiors with an atmosphere that recalls the grotto between land and sea. The entrance, with soft lighting and dark-colored walls that recall the depths of the abyss, also houses a sharing table that can be used for a quick snack or an informal shared lunch.

This is the area of ​​the wine bar where it is possible to sip a good wine even by the glass, choosing from more than one hundred labels, and to taste an aperitif based on fresh fish.

Bue Marino

Bue Marino

The other room hosts the actual restaurant with its light and bright colors and clean design that refers to that of an elegant boat.

While a portion of the large square acts as a dehor with a suggestive view of the castle in the summer season.

We with our Otto have preferred to remain wrapped in bright and vibrant colors in the first room where strange marine “monsters” seem to dance on the walls. And we sat on the high stools around a table large enough to hold all the delicious dishes that Raffaele offered us.

Bue Marino

Bue MarinoWe started with an appetizer that reminded us at every course that Bisceglie is on the sea and has an active port since ancient times. From hedgehogs to the delicate San Pietro carpaccio to the exquisite salicornia fritters passing through the bream meatballs in cherry tomato and onion puree.

To conclude this first part of the lunch Raffaele advised us two other original proposals like the shrimps with stracciatella and mullet and the quiche of ricotta and gallinella, in which we found a perfect balance between seafood and excellent dairy products.

Great choice also among the nain courses, but we were attracted by the strong flavors of spaghetti clams and bottarga and noodles with cuttlefish ink and the more delicate ones of sea carbonara, prepared with a firm and expert hand by the chef who, biscegliese by birth, for years he worked in the kitchens of the Hotel Oasi, a corner of paradise immersed in the lush and unspoiled vegetation of the island of San Domino.

Bue Marino

The atmosphere, cheered up to that time by the Pecorino of the Marche-based winery Castelfiora, which with its persistent aroma was perfectly linked to the savory flavors on the table, was then sweetened by the homemade tiramisu and chocolate panna cotta.

Bue Marino

But we’ll have to come back soon because as Raffaele and Maurizio tell us in unison, the menu follows the seasons and changes everything every three months!

Bue Marino
largo Castello, 8 – Bisceglie (BT)
Info: +39 338 8628537 –



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