The big move in the world

Tomorrow... married! But until tomorrow there are many things to think about, preparations to deal with, contact persons... It is likely to enter into confusion and, above all, to get in trouble the day...

The exchange of rings in the world

The wedding ring is a tangible sign of the mutual effort. To choose with my heart and together. And if already the Egyptian pharaohs wore a ring, round, without beginning or end, symbolizes eternity,...
sì all'estero

Abroad for the wedding day

Say an exotic yes, kissed by the sun and rocked by the sea, surrounded by flowers and perfumes, is the dream of many. We as admiring spectators, have witnessed a wedding on the white...

One click tells more than what you see

How to start talking about marriage on our blog? Doing it in our own way, of course. And that is, travel and pets. We've already opened the index book with our advice on how...

On the altar to 4-legged and 4-paws

He or she strolls with us every day and comes with us on vacation, at the sea, in the mountains, at the lake. Our four-legged friends share their lives with us daily. So why leave...
luna di miele

The curious story of the honeymoon

The time of a moon to live the first sweetness of love. This is the meaning of the honeymoon, of that golden period that the tradition is followed by the wedding day. But how...

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