Say an exotic yes, kissed by the sun and rocked by the sea, surrounded by flowers and perfumes, is the dream of many. We as admiring spectators, have witnessed a wedding on the white sand of one of the most beautiful beaches of Saint Lucia, during our vacation on the Caribbean island. The beautiful Roman couple, embraced by his closest relatives, chosed the island because an Italian friend living there had helped them with documents to be submitted, but for all those who do not have this chance and they still want to get married abroad, eye to the necessary documents!

For an exotic yes eye to documents and climate

Both for those who decide to celebrate the marriage, transcribed in Italy, before the competent consular or diplomatic authority, and for those who opt for the local authorities, the important and valid assumption is that of publication. Marriage banns take place by posting at a consular document containing full name, date and place of birth, residence and profession of the engaged couple. Then, of course, two photocopies of the birth certificate and passport of the future spouses and any other document relating to divorce, widowhood or state name change.

Called the paper work, you can begin to think about the place where swear eternal love. So here are the proposals that take into account the climate of the period chosen to marry. Because a good start, as they say, is half the battle!


For those who decide to choose the months of January and February to promise eternal love ideal is the Seychelles archipelago, where the sand is exceptionally soft and on the beach there are simple but chic huts to welcome the bride and groom.

March and the spring are the right time to think about southern hemisphere and particularly at Cable Beach sand pearly in the northwest of Australia. For May-June our advice is the Provence in France, perhaps the most romantic country in the world…


Can not, at any time of the year, do not be fascinated by places like the Caribbean, crystal clear sea and beaches to dream. Getting married here is like acting in a movie set: the bride and groom exchange their promises at sunset, under an arch decorated with exotic flowers, facing the ocean. Another possibility is to get married in the tropics, for example, in French Polynesia, celebrating the rite of stunning beaches fringed by lush coconut palms.


For those who do not want to go halfway around the world you can always decide to stay in Europe. Even France for the end of summer with Antibes: the charm of the sweet life of the twenties, described by Scott Fitzgerald in Tender Is the Night, it is found in hotels on the coast with a panorama stretching from the Lérins Islands to the bay of Cannes.


Tips for autumn-winter? The Pink City of Jaipur in India for its romantic atmosphere but also an ideal base for exploring the wonders of Rajasthan, including forts, palaces and markets: to feel Maharaja at least one day. Then Cancun, Mexico, from the silky white sand and the sea water sapphire. A few steps you can explore the mysterious Mayan civilization, to combine the magic of the celebration in a wonderful place for an unforgettable honeymoon.

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