Tomorrow… married! But until tomorrow there are many things to think about, preparations to deal with, contact persons… It is likely to enter into confusion and, above all, to get in trouble the day of the big move. So the right advice is to start early to think about the organization of this great event which is marriage.

The country that go Romans do

And, if the dress is for the bride the most important thing which provide, you must certainly not neglecting other important details: the documents, lothes for him, hairstyle and makeup for her, invitations and shareholdings, the floral decoration and the music for the church and reception, the wedding list, menu and so on… But as they say, the country that go Romans do. So why not browse the other rites?

Other customs other rites

Orthodox Christians
In the ceremony is placed a crown on the head of the spouses, that exchange it for three times. the rings are exchanged even for three times, and then remains right on the ring. The newlyweds will then share a cup of wine, sipping three times. Finally, hand in hand, running three times around a table on which are placed the Bible, the crucifix, a glass of wine, candles and flowers.

The ceremony consists of the marriage contract, the ring ceremony and the canopy. The two witnesses are men. The canopy rite, or uppah, consists of a procession that ends just below the uppah, where the couple they stop with the rabbi: the bride to the groom turns around two to thirteen times. The bride and groom drink a glass of wine blessed and groom places his right ring finger ring of the bride, who will pass it to the left.

The ceremony includes the presence of the ushers, namely the valets for the groom and bridesmaids to the bride. Are married couples themselves to choose the passages of Holy Scripture to read. After asking the couple to express their will, the vicar asks the onlookers: “Who gives this girl in marriage?” And at this point comes forward her father to confirm its approval.

The two betrothed sit in separate rooms of the mosque, in each of which an officiating the rite, and promise to respect the marriage bond. After the reception the guests accompany the newlyweds car, throwing coins into the air. So the party among the guests resumed, but women and men at this point are divided by coming in two different houses.

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