Before the wedding, many people indulge in one last crazy party. In short, an event before the big event, at which allow yourself to have a good time with her friends the previous hour of wedding day. For their bachelor party, for men the party is generally characterized by jokes.

A big feast for the bachelorette party

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To color the bachelorete party, even women who dare. After all, on this special occasion, exaggerating it a bit ‘granted. Here, then, the invited with lovely wreaths of flowers in their hair and holding colorful balloons ready to be launched.

Do not forget the camera for no reason or a good photographer not to spoil the atmosphere of the women, to capture the moments of freedom of the damsel on the verge of yes.

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Of course, and this also applies to men, it is good that the friends organize everything not on the evening before the two to be married. Better to anticipate the times and thus prepare the party at least one week in advance. At least you will not run the risk of “wear out” the couple in an evening and to get them to do their big move is not in full possession of their mental faculties.

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If you organize the event early enough, you can have fun freely without time problems, withdrawn, without the nightmare for the bride of hairdresser that morning early will sound at the front door for touch-ups to ‘ hairdressing or beautician ready to create a fresh look after a day of wild fun. That as a result it could also bring a big headache which might ruin the happiest day.

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But how to organize? Here green light to the imagination! With surprise parties or a full immersion in the relaxation of a spa resort along with friends of all time, maybe by combining the physical effects to those of some relaxing meditation or yoga.

Bachelorette_Lucilla cuman ph

And again: the bachelorette party can be transformed into a treasure hunt inspired by the places and at university, or a day at the campsite with barbecue before the fire, or an afternoon with free climbing lesson or bungee jumping for the most daring, or, finally, in a new age evening complete with horoscope reading and tarot to be able to foresee at least in the imagination what will happen in the future.

The photos have been kindly made available to Città Meridiane by Lucilla Cuman Photography –


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