Read the book “Lucania fuori strada” by Vittorio Stagnani and Corrado Palumbo and published by Progedit, it makes you understand how most of the time is not have to venture far from home to live true and exciting adventures. The pair of authors recounts in great detail the trekking addressed between the hard and cold and dominant mountains and rushing rivers of Lucania, a region that owes its name to the thick woods, lucus in Latin, that deck it for much.

But also they make you want to try out the most sweet and happy walks among the patches of dense trees and cozy, including almost seems to be accompanied by friendly elves and be able to meet on every corner, hidden in trunks and fronds, witches and robbers. And so, page by page, you go to discover the trails through the trees imagining that at some point suddenly comes out of a “strange animal”, a sort of soul of plants and woodland creatures.

And who better than the “monacicchi” from purple red berets, as they are called in the lands of Lucania the elves a little ‘naughty of woods, could serve as the hiker guide? But, notice to any fantasy, it’s best to shop around to enjoy the beautiful ecosystem of this part of Italy.

The description of the plant and animal inhabitants of these green and shady woods shall, in addition to the photographic material, interesting cards. So the book takes more and more lives in the hands of the reader can, page after page, find out how the Bosnian pine resists for centuries to cold temperatures at high altitudes of Pollino and this has become the symbol par excellence of the Lucani proud and tenacious. Many also tabs on free-range and true gastronomy of the region, the traditions handed down for centuries, the small furry goers of the branches of the trees like the cute squirrels.

And speaking of traditions, the authors recall those “exotic” the arbëreshë, that the Albanians of Italy, the ethnic and linguistic minority that populates some Lucan areas since 1300. Another typical tradition of many countries in the region is to celebrate Carnival: you do not expect lavish masks and parades of floats. In Lucania you have fun as you can, but above all in simplicity with small feasts and “frassi” that is masked groups as best, made floats to the good and shows in the vernacular, just as described by Carlo Levi in “Christ stopped at Eboli“. At least once you have to participate in the Maggio di Accettura, that yes a big party, heartfelt and very interesting. The authors call it “the pagan and the religious feast of Pentecost. A unique throughout Europe for magic and thrills. The scenarios, the woods, the protagonists, women and men taken from the rush to be in nature, to fear and possess it. a ritual with songs, dances, oxen, fireworks, bread, wine. And yet brawn, roasted meats, pasta with meat sauce, pancakes. An incredible machine poles, ropes, rods, woodcutters acrobats”. All in honor of Saint Julian and the forests and the marriage of the trees in the Forest of Gallipoli in the territory of Accettura.

The reader is thus accompanied on trails “off-road”, away from the busier circuits often using the oldest means of transport and environmentally friendly: the feet. Pages tells of trips made over the years which may include treasure is more experienced than those who do not want to wear boots and wear a backpack, but only to give free rein to their desire for adventure from the couch at home.

Vittorio Stagnani, Corrado Palumbo
Lucania fuori strada
Collana: Lunari
20 €


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