To the roots of cocoa

Reading “The culinary art of chocolate. Stories and recipes” published by Progedit and written by Pietro Semino, avid traveler and gourmet as well as presenter of radio as a commentator gastronome, watering in the mouth from the first line. Because what Semino tells is the story of the cocoa-chocolate which then is nothing but the story of a journey that takes the reader from tropical America to Spain and from there to all of Europe. A trip around the world where the cocoa is the undisputed leading actor.

And by the cocoa the author tells us “life, death and miracles”, starting from cultivation. So you find that the cocoa tree was already cultivated millennium before the discovery of America by the Spaniards in many areas from Mexico to Costa Rica, even if it is believed that it is native of rainforest between the Orinoco and the Amazon River. Semino also describes us cocoa processing, process able to exert a decisive influence on the final flavor of the product. The book is also a collection of many useful information on buying, storing and tasting this food that gives well-being for thousands of years. More than half of the text, then, it is devoted to recipes, more than a hundred, to put into practice the knowledge gained and appease the hungry aroused by reading!

We of Città Meridiane found very interesting travel tips for all lovers of cocoa and chocolate that will satisfy every curiosity by visiting the museums dedicated to various parts of the world, from Austria to Japan, from Spain to Saint Lucia in West Indies, the island of the Pitons, the two cones of volcanic rock protected by UNESCO. Especially the description of Chocolat’s Rabot Estate, an old estate dedicated to the cocoa with a hotel where guests can visit the massive cultivation of Trinitario cocoa, experience its collection and even juggle in processing the beans, teleported us to a winter holiday in January 2008, when we spent a week in this island that has wild coast, dark volcanic beaches and forests unexplored. We too have made our visit to the Museum, located in the village of Soufriere in the shadow of Mont Gimie, including tastings and purchases in cocoa cottage, reproduction of 1745’s shack and also we have experienced the emotions to be traced back in time, between tradition and history of the island more contention in all the West Indies. So we had the wish to tell you about our trip: saint-lucia-the-pirate-island/

Pietro Semino
L’arte culinaria del cioccolato. Storie e ricette

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