Three pianos for three musicians

Expectations, “the first” always something mysterious, undefined. They are charged with energy and magnetism and remain suspended to fill the air. The places live themselves of voices and new visions that scan the stage set up for the occasion. Expectations take shape, draw perimeters and shapes: barrels of wood and iron, wine, three pianos, three musicians and liquid music from enjoying slowly.

Three piano for three “meitre” – exceptional musicians that in the evening of December 8 at the Wine Museum Albea in Alberobello, have combined their feel for the zero date of the tour dedicated to a humanitarian project: A piano for L’Aquila with Mirko Signorile, Giovanni Guidi and Claudio Filippini. The three pianists, who had never performed together, they composed for the occasion original music live, aimed at creating a CD whose proceeds will be used to buy a piano for the city of Abruzzo. A piano as a sign of cultural rebirth of a city. A piano to restart. The metaphor of the wine, the music to drink, is not accidental because the place of waiting in which we held the zero date of the project of solidarity has been a museum of wine at wineries Albea, in a scenario which is also unique among barrels wood, ancient perfumes and aromas that have joined in the concrete sense and figuratively, passions and energies.
A date unique because he has seen three pianos resonate simultaneously, embraced in music where notes and imaginary scores, filled the room for about an hour and a half of chases, looks, rhythm and passion to give. For the event were also created gadgets such as magnet, postcards and bags made by Blanca Estela Rodriguez, Mexican illustrator, who with her vision of Trulli illuminated by music, made the event even more unique.

The space dedicated to improvisation took unexpected forms and rhythms. The liquid music drew branches now sparkling now more intimate, where for a “classic” jazz standards you there was found to hum through his teeth as a hit most pop like the song of the Irish band Cranberries, Zombie, including rock raids (yes, because you can pluck the strings of the piano as the perfect guitar) and instinctive improvisations. An almost surreal beauty that has really pushed the music into a space “other” where the three musicians have shone infecting present with their irrepressible energy and passion.

A piano for L’Aquila is a project that aims to build bridges and to create bonds under the sign of music where the common feeling is directed to the city of L’Aquila, ready to take the flight back to a cultural renaissance that has the piano his tuning fork. Playancheio, in fact, was the slogan launched at the end of the concert highlighting the importance of a common act in which pianists and their original music, mediation and sounding board but that requires the commitment of all to sound in new music Abruzzo’s city. Press the solidarity always has its value. If you shine together, it is more beautiful.

(Text by Alessia Vanìa and photos by Mariablu Scaringella)

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