JR, the fashion that never goes out of fashion

JR is an all-Italian clothing brand born at the end of last year, but with a solid experience behind it. It is certainly intriguing that they wanted to launch an entrepreneurial initiative in the sector in a period of serious crisis. But precisely to get out of this climate it is essential to focus on garments and accessories that last for quality and style, dedicated to a conscious and sophisticated clientele.

Quality and style for timeless garments


In short, the trend is to say stop to touch and go trends and to collections that become “old” after a couple of months. Now in fashion is what appears conceived and built to last, just like in the JR collections by Giuseppina Rosabianca.


The protagonists of his proposals are tailored garments ready to become classics in every woman’s wardrobe, passing the test of time, such as a nice coat, suit and skirts with the right proportions, cocktail or evening dress that slips perfect, clothes that fit like a glove. All “pieces” that are worth spending on because they will be used a lot and for a long time and which best represent the current philosophy of conscious fashion.


In this way of thinking and acting, Giuseppina has recognized herself, who in the world of fabrics and garments has worked for many years in her Livorno with two shops in the city. And in this world she has decided to re-immerse herself by taking back fabrics and models in her hands, giving life to her JR brand, born just before Christmas 2020, but as we have already mentioned, with a story that begins from afar.

The story of Giuseppina is fascinating and tells us: “I had already played a role in the creative realities of the family, but I knew I wanted to do something alone”. Meanwhile, she tells us about her life. Born in Libya, in 1970 little more than a child she was forced, like all the Italians who lived there, to return to Italy because they were expelled from the regime of Colonel Gaddafi.
The history of the Italian community in Libya is still unknown and until now I had never met someone who could tell me as a direct witness.
For the Italians, the situation changed over the years, worsening following the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1967 and then with the confiscation of assets, the expulsion of the community and the forced repatriation on the ships of the Merchant Navy.

Her family, a mother of Venetian origins and a father born in Tunisia of Italian parents, had no roots and the choice to go and live in Tuscany was dictated by local friendships and also by the fact that Livorno in particular is a quiet and livable city, between sea and land.

But since she was a child in Africa she was fascinated by the work of her mother and aunt, both seamstresses and then over time, already in Livorno, she joined her husband in the management of two historic shops where charm and femininity could be breathed. The same ingredients that she wanted to keep in her JR brand, between refined workmanship and fine fabrics, with garments that speak of handmade style.


“The creative project lives within me” – she tells us. “And my love for details and care for people have never changed”. What has changed is the way to reach them: the windows are no longer the traditional ones of the shops, but the virtual ones of the web. So Giuseppina’s passion and professionalism have been addressed differently but remain intact and intense.

“Even in my free time I like to do research that helps me to better define my taste and give personality to the brand”. A taste that reflects her origins but also her frequent trips to Dubai where she not only supplies herself with exclusive fabrics but is inspired to create her garments. Designed to make the wearer feel good just like the cape we have chosen, an iconic coat of the season and of the collection, designed to ferry winter into spring.

A model that in the cut and in the fabric evokes those that in the past the soldiers of the nineteenth century wore, but stands out for the soft leather lacing, the large and enveloping volumes and the color, a bright orange typical of the Casentino, a light and elastic cloth, refined and a bit snobbish, with a history spanning seven centuries behind it.

Soft, fluffy, comfortable but also warm, resistant and waterproof, this wool fabric has always been used to make cloaks, cloaks, capes, in the warm and enveloping shade of orange, its symbol color, in a dense, rich and intense shade that enhances the texture.


The JR cape is an elegant but at the same time practical, comfortable and light garment despite the effect of full-bodied wool, perfect on the coldest days on bulky pullovers and on the sunniest days on light shirts.

I paired it with fluid trousers daring a strong chromatic contrast with a thick dark red sweater and also with a plum-colored sleeveless shirt warmed by a fuchsia angora micro cardigan: lots of color to anticipate spring and create a bold and energizing effect . But this cape allows you to create different looks, from the most sophisticated with long skirts and heels, to the most sporty with jeans and ankle boots.

It is also a garment destined to last because it never goes out of fashion, it “works” for years and not for a single season, because as 2020 taught us, we must no longer pay attention to the superfluous, but favor a fashion that simplifies life with quality products such as those signed by JR.

JR by Giuseppina Rosabianca
Info: +39 366 5372438 – rosabiancagiusy@gmail.com

We thank for the hospitality Masseria Le Cerase where the photo shoot was made and GrandTour Collection for Love ring of the Classic series.

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