Acqua ai Fiori di Spello, the scents of the Umbrian land

Acqua ai Fiori di Spello is an all-Italian brand born in the name of a historic initiative that has been held every year in Umbria since the early 1900s, that of the Infiorata, created to celebrate Corpus Domini.

The scents of the Umbrian land

The families of Spello work for months to prepare these extraordinary flowery carpets that color and fill the streets of the town with perfumes. Thus, for generations it has been done and is also done in the home of the creators of this brand, which already in the name takes up the wonderful celebration steeped in history.

In fact, they were inspired by this colorful and fragrant tradition by proposing in 2018 a line of perfumes that was created to retrace the stages of the Spello Infiorate enclosing them in a sensorial experience.

There are three fragrances to tell the three most important moments: flowering, harvesting and the day of the Infiorata itself. Emotions that have always been part of the life of those who live in Spello and that thanks to the Acqua ai Fiori di Spello perfumes will enter the daily life of those who want to experience them even at a distance.

And at this point we reveal a secret! One of the wishes that we would like to fulfill as soon as possible is to witness that wonderful natural spectacle that is the flowering in the Pian Grande di Castelluccio, in the park of the Sibillini Mountains on the border between Umbria and Marche.

And if to fully appreciate its suggestion, the best time is summer, when the plants of the famous IGP lentils bloom that fill the plateau with yellow, the beauty of this place can be admired in any season. At every moment the colors are different, the shapes take on different outlines, the emotions are different because cornflowers, poppies, buttercups and many other wild flowers grow in the Piano.

Acqua dei Fiori di Spello

We would like to go there when the plain turns red, dotted with poppy corollas. Precisely the moment chosen by Acqua ai Fiori di Spello for its, and now ours, Eau de Parfum Fioritura, when the purple notes of poppies, the sweet white of chamomile, the pungent yellow of lentil flowers and the blue of cornflower mix to the green and fresh notes by spreading this perfume that tells the colors and extraordinary blooms of these Umbrian valleys.

Acqua dei Fiori di Spello

Of course, the creators of Acqua ai Fiori di Spello could not have known this, just as they could not have known that the poppy, simple and beautiful, strong and fragile at the same time, is my favorite flower. Although it does not smell but despite this, thanks to its strength and its independence, it spreads its magic, ephemeral and precious.

A magic that has extended to the fact that the fragrance of the Eau de Parfum Fioritura, inspired by a flower that is expressed only with its color, that intense and vibrant red that is a hymn to joy, perfectly reflects my taste in terms of essences: a concentration of strength, grace and spirit of independence, the perfect expression of a modern femininity.

Acqua di Spello

It is in fact a fragrance at the beginning intense, with head tones characterized by cornflower, mugwort and allspice, which reveals itself light in the heart that sinks into the notes of poppy, water lily, jasmine and broom, and then impresses itself in the memory with the final touch of cedar, lebdano and white musk. Its plus? The ability to give well-being every time by sprinkling a bit of it, you are enveloped by its scented cloud.

A sensation that it shares with the other two fragrances created, from the initial agreement to the final formula, by the Acqua ai Fiori di Spello team which has been operating in the cosmetics sector for more than 15 years and who wanted to celebrate the Infiorate event, combining the creativity, the perfumes, the emotions and the traditions that compose it, to give life to the innovative project of taking home a part of this emotion through a perfume.
So Fioritura is flanked by Raccolta, with the sweet notes of mature flowers, and Infiorata, dedicated to the festival, in which the scent of the country mixes with the spicy smell of the olive trees and the sweet one of the petals of the flowers that Corpus Domini’s night become the colors of the designs created by the Infiorators.

In our box, in addition to the Fioritura fragrance, there is also the very fragrant and super nourishing body cream that I really appreciated because it gives elasticity, leaving the skin smooth, soft and not greasy, and the natural soap for face and body with the petals of Spello flowers.

Acqua di SpelloTo immerse yourself in the scent of Spello’s flowers during the bath or shower, the Relaxing Shower Gel with Raccolta perfume was created, which gently cleanses with its soft foam, leaving the skin soft, smooth and fragrant. To complete the offer, the hand cream that protects and deeply nourishes, absorbing immediately without leaving greasy hands.

Our advice? Try everything because in this period we really need perfumed daily rituals to improve mood and experience feelings of well-being. And what’s more regenerating than projecting yourself towards nature, greenery and flowers?

Acqua di Spello
Via Consolare, 31 – Spello (PG)
Info: +39 074 2651330 – ​​

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