Estrellabijouxgaia: the jewels that speak

Estrellabijouxgaia reminds us that not all that glitters is gold. There are also steel, brass and copper. In fact, these are the metals used for the small and fun jewels made by Gaia in her Milanese laboratory where creativity takes flight engraved on small plates to hang on bracelets and necklaces.

Choose the phrase that’s right for you

Gaia was born and raised in Milan and told us that she has always been attracted to everything that is creativity. Initially she expressed this through painting, then with the processing of ceramics and now, in recent years, she has channeled it into what she likes most, what she calls her greatest passion together with that for cats.


She has two cats and like all those who share their lives with one or more felines – we know something about them since there have always been dogs and cats in our house – she is fascinated by them. And often it is they, with their aristocratic attitude or with their amiable pranks, who are her source of inspiration.

Their absence full of presence, between soft footsteps and discreet meows, fills her creative days and in their eyes, which have often been compared to infinite lakes, she finds inspiration for the nice phrases she engraves on her bijoux.

“I focused and specialized – she tells us – on the creation of fully customizable bijoux, this makes them unique and highly appreciated. My approach was self-taught but today I feel satisfied with my work even if there is always something to learn!”.

Estrellabijouxgaia creations are made of copper, brass and aluminum starting from simple plates that are cut by hand and engraved with special punches for the metal. Everyone can choose how to personalize their locket even if she already offers a wide range of “pearls of wisdom” that always manage to make a smile. And also to express the personality of those who buy them.

The woman who chooses Estrellabijouxgaia proposals is not afraid to dare and wants to feel free to wear “easy” pieces but at the same time made with care and dedication, as Gaia does with all her creations. And each of her bijou becomes the right accessory to illuminate day or night: gold, silver or copper color does not matter, as long as it is equipped with a mirror effect, so as to amplify the power of light to enhance any look.

I have chosen two that for different reasons represent me in this period. In brass, the necklace with a long chain with black enamel star and the double plate which in the engraved phrase expresses one of the strongest wishes of the moment: “And then I would like… a mojito and feet in the sand”.


In steel, the bracelet made up of three circles joined by the pendant engraved with a small star, the symbol chosen for the Estrellabijouxgaia brand, and next to the two words Wonder Woman. Because as Gaia writes on her Instagram profile “every day a wonder woman wakes up!”. And since last year almost every morning I need super powers to be able to face everyday life and wear the bracelet and reread the sentence has become the mantra that gives me strength. But the traumas of the pandemic affected not only everyone’s life, but also the design: in addition to lightness, today we choose jewels that favor comfortable shapes and a playful aspect.


Returning to the symbol, Gaia has chosen the estrella, the star, as a distinctive sign of her jewelry but also as a synthesis of how she feels: a little star, a little whimsical. But it is clear from the “stolen” shots that peek out among her creations that the real stars are Rosita, a tricolor and very sweet Exotic shorthair, and Ibra, the latest arrival, a brat Scottish who is always the protagonist. After all, it is no coincidence that fans of the feline world are often lovers of art and design. And in fashion, the passion for cats is a full-blown trend.

And we are sure that Gaia would fully agree with what the late Chilean writer Luis Sepùlveda said: “I like all animals, but I have a special relationship with cats … They are mysterious, full of dignity and very independent”.

And we also add a little crazy: if they taught a seagull to fly, they certainly don’t hold back when it comes to suggesting phrases, even irreverent ones, to Gaia. Because we are sure, even if she has not confessed it to us, that phrases like “Luckily there is me like me” only one of her cats could have inspired her!

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