Lorena Benatti, dreaming of the sea between red and blue

Lorena Benatti, an Italian company born in Carpi in the cradle of Italian artisan knitwear, teaches us that we also tell ourselves through what we wear, because there are clothes but more and more ways of living.

Historical quality but also glam

And there are the garments that accompany us and dress us in our daily life, practical, comfortable, beautiful and of high quality, just like those in fine yarns from the Lorena Benatti collections. Which, in addition, have a magical touch, that of making people feel cool and at ease regardless of what the trends of the moment may be: garments with an eternal and glam style, to buy and never leave.

Because what is important and we will remember will be the emotions determined by the history around a dress and the sensation experienced in wearing it.
Let’s start with history. Behind Lorena Benatti there are more than 20 years of experience in the design of high-end knitwear, combined with the important knowledge of yarns and processing techniques mediated by Stambecco srl, a company present in the Italian knitwear sector for over 50 years.

But from season to season, the collections, while taking advantage of the historical archives, have been enriched through experiments and innovations that have allowed Lorena Benatti to dare, to always go further. But it does so by always remaining faithful to itself, guaranteeing high quality and not giving up on offering trendy clothes, following the thought that charm is something inexplicable and can be hidden in a look, in a movement, in the way of wearing a garment and even in a small detail that is difficult to imitate.

For the current season, the proposals change from the iconic palazzo trousers tamed by large sweaters to maxi cardigans in the classic camel color or in a blue that anticipates the tint of the spring skies. There is no shortage of soft knit dresses that caress the curves highlighting them just enough and pencil knee-length or long and soft skirts. All with one common denominator: the great accuracy with which they are packaged, guaranteed by the quality of the raw materials and by the carefully studied details.

Lorena Benatti

Because today what we are looking for is not just something that has a value, but that is able to maintain it over time. And it is precisely the exceptional quality and the careful details that make Lorena Benatti’s proposals timeless, which are always enriched by that pinch of irreverence that ignites a soft and extremely feminine sensuality with originality, enhanced by the unusual combinations of geometries and colors that often explode on classic shapes with perfect cuts.

At this point it’s my turn to tell you about the very pleasant sensations I felt in wearing some of the garments from the latest Lorena Benatti collection characterized by clear colors such as red, blue and air force blue, combined with the more neutral beige and camel, which paint some perfect outfits for the new spring looks.

Impalpable on the skin, the cotton and silk shirt with raglan collar and sleeves closed at the wrist by a charming gathered cuff and in a soft color “lit” by the fire red wool and cashmere sleeveless cardigan tightened at the waist by the belt, which have been perfectly matched to the long and soft wrap skirt in blue wool with braids and stripes and to the warm stole in fine wool and silk yarn with geometric designs.

The plus of this palette of bright and sparkling colors is to give a touch of strong personality to the look that is “softened” by the cuts and fluid lines that give a casual charm: ideal for a woman with a “rebellious sensuality”, contemporary and dynamic like me.

It is also a timeless outfit thanks not only to the combination of colors, but also to the play of oversized and slim volumes, capable of giving great charisma to the woman who dresses Lorena Benatti, a brand ready to meet both those who remain faithful to few, comfortable, all-rounder items and for those who want to be always updated on the news of the fashion front. And the intense and primary colors proposed by the company are trendy, among which you can choose a single-color look or with just a few touches to light up basic neutral-colored suits. Don’t be afraid to dare because bright colors also have beneficial effects. According to chromotherapy, they stimulate the left side of the brain which acts on emotional frequencies promoting joy, optimism and self-confidence.

Lorena Benatti

If you decide to wear them by the sea, with the wind that caresses the stole and ruffles the hair, the effect is amplified: the breeze, the sound of the waves, the scent, the color and the sense of peace it gives, together with the desire to touch that fluid horizon where one kisses the sky, they are pure poetry and an antidote against bad days.

Stambecco srl
Via dei Barrocciai, 15 – Carpi (Mo)
Info: +39 059 645521
www.lorenabenatti.it – ​​info@lorenab.it

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