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Lillì bag

Many working hours to realize it and to give life to the medium and large versions. It’s the Lillì Bag by Gabriella Reznek, a bag that goes and becomes an irreplaceable traveling companion! So many colors, from the more soft like ivory and pink to bright as yellow and purple, different leathers and also available in the beach version.

A versatile bag, designed as a companion of adventure in a whole collection for those who love to travel, that Gabriella has designed thinking of a toy of his childhood, the Matryoshka. “A doll that in my childhood was absolute symbol of firmness and resilience. Lillì is inspired by this still picture of my childhood. She always lands on his feet, no matter what happens, in whatever position you insist on putting it, she returns standing!! To her/my stubbornness, in search of balance, to the upside that is part of each of us I was inspired by the new collection”.

And Lillì is so: sinuous shapes reminiscent of the female body, versatile and adaptable to many occasions in accordance with the materials used to achieve it. Lillì is not a bag , but a collection that will change the face with every piece, every season, thanks to the “expedient” of some comfortable external pockets, colored and slightly hidden or in plain sight.

A small preview of the collection that is preparing day by day, there was Sunday, May 15 at the Union Club of Bari at the Teatro Petruzzelli, during the event La Magia delle Muse. Then, Gabriella decided to entrust to me her creature in the travel version “will be the guardian of your sketchbooks during Città Meridiane travels“. What better companion of Lillì Bag? A bag that is born chameleon, versatile, funny and delightfully romantic, in short, the epitome of what we want to be we at Città Meridiane that just the chameleon we chose as a symbol of our blog!

But that’s not all. The fascinating and intriguing embrace of Lillì Bag , through its handles of different lengths to be worn on the shoulder or arm , or its suspenders that transform it into a practical bag that leaves your hands free and resets the weight of the contents, conceals a another secret .
Lillì is the woman of a thousand faces , but is also the diminutive of Charles name meaning strong, free, king. Lillì is the feminine part of every man and the male part of every woman”.

At this point as show it off with pride? Lillì Bag has become a symbol of the trips of Città Meridiane and accompany me in every movement and in every season, because my bag in natural color deer leather with increasingly internal soft leather that mimics the texture of jeans, get old lap after lap becoming more beautiful because it is lived.

A detail to make unmistakable the Lillì and all other creations of Gabriella: the iconic paw of Tetrix Tetrix, fun and funny Hungarian prairie hen commonly called Reznek. Which has become the unmistakable logo of Gabriella Reznek Collection after the same Gabriella has discovered the existence of it on Internet: from here to decide that the symbol of the new collection would be just this little hen with whom he shared the last name was a moment!

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