Corte Campanile

Daniela and Angelo call their dream come true their “crazy adventure”. To achieve it, works to give birth to what is now their boutique B&B Corte Campanile in the center of Maglie, started years ago. No water, sewer, electricity. “We have hardened, consolidated and restored” – tell us in unison. “But replace the stones is not enough. Now these places you have to make them live”.

In keeping with their idea of the search for authenticity, the intervention implemented was based on rigor and simplicity. The building is on two floors, one at street level and the other underground once used as storage for the olives of the yet existing oil mill located in the building next door. This space has become an airy living room thanks to the “cut” of the thick stone walls and the excavation of the courtyard, now a splendid court, which ever you could imagine from the entrance of the B&B on the road, featuring a swimming pool with hot tub and quiet terraces to spend lazy time with the view of the high bell tower of the cathedral in the background.

Just the bell town, which catches the eye from every window overlooking the courtyard, suggested the name for the hotel boutique. At street level, with white wooden lofts they have enabled the creation of three independent rooms with bathroom and a small lounge where restrain yourself to read a newspaper or to breakfast. Wherever only local materials left unfinished with the local stone floor that echoes the original walls.

Playing with these shades and with inserts made of glass, wood and the gray scale of modern styled furniture Lago, Angelo and Daniela have created an intimate and warm space, a sort of monochrome box exudes an air of calm that characterizes this first Lago Welcome in Salento. The only concession to the décor, the sculptural staircase in iron and glass designed by Angelo and made realize by local artisans. From the white walls, however, they seem to emerge the works of Daniele Minosi. In the basement, large living “Lotus”, equipped with kitchen and magnificent mini spa, with large antique fireplace and glass walls on the court, can be booked as a large suite for romantic breaks and comfortable as well as space for small events.
In fact, the Suites and the Courtyard, for really special occasions, turn into a large living area, halfway between the garden under the shadow of the bell tower and the home spa, with a personal chef on request. Through the large windows cut openings between the arches bordered by the archways, the outdoor spaces blend with the interior and summer and winter, weather permitting, the open-air environments become the beating heart of the life of the B&B.

Here they are facing rooms, which are named after the bed produced by Lago: we have been hosted in “Fluttua”, which can accommodate 2 to 4 persons, spread over two floors and has a wonderful view of the tower through the private terrace on the court. Also, it has access through a hall which by the court so it is ideal for those of us who travel with their furry and wants to avoid causing inconvenience to other guests. Same philosophy for “Air” that can accommodate from 2 to 4 people and the mezzanine floor has a small breakfast area, while services are on the ground floor. Developed on one floor with large window on the main street of the historic center is “Et Voilà!”, with a large stone fireplace, spacious bathroom and sofa bed.

The end result is a refined and careful game of counterpoint between the ancient and the contemporary, which allowed not to lose the history and spirit of the place with its luxurious style environments but without ostentation , where aesthetic, comfort and well-being coexist.

Corte Campanile
Via Umberto I 37, Maglie – Lecce
Info: +39 366 4350443


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