The snail slime of Helix Derm, beauty elixir

If you search the web, snail slime is one of the most clicked beauty trends of the moment. As a result, several snail slime-based products are emerging lately, a natural element capable of regenerating the skin.

From snails a natural sap

bava di lumaca

But before being tempted by the purchase, it is good to check the percentages of snail slime contained in serums and creams. The Helix Derm company is focusing on this, which since 2016 has been producing a unique face treatment with snail slime percentages of up to 98%, meeting women who like me need shock strategies to counteract the signs of age and also those that appear on the face after hours and hours spent in front of the computer screen.

Against stress, environmental aggressions and the passage of time Helix Derm offers a natural and highly effective beauty treatment. A treatment that I am testing and for which I must say thanks not only to the company but also to the many snails that make their drool available for these cosmetics, serum and face cream, to be applied morning and evening.

bava di lumaca

bava di lumaca

How do they do it? Don’t think of anything cruel or extortionate. The snail slime is extracted with a method that does not cause any pain to the snails that are raised outdoors in Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont, growing according to their natural biological cycle and far from any type of pollution.

bava di lumaca

Snails are fed with natural products, such as sunflower flowers, cabbage and herbs that are very welcome to them, which allow their development and contribute to their well-being. And also the collection of the burr is carried out respecting the animal thanks to a “cruelty free” practice, which protects the well-being of the snails and which is also reflected on the quality of the secretion and cosmetic products.
The extraction procedure consists of placing them on an oscillating platform which, by continuing to modify its axis, makes the snail move more, increasing secretion with zero stress for the pet. The burr is then microfiltered to deprive it of any bacteria or heavy metal before being used for treatments.

Those who have already tried to treat their skin with serums and creams based on snail slime speak of “miracles”. This natural sap has great efficacy in regenerating and repairing skin tissues thanks to the precious substances of which it is composed: mucopolysaccharides, but also glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, proteins, vitamins, peptides. It has a deep purifying and exfoliating action on the skin, soothing and protective as well as healing. And it acts on the reactivation of the processes underlying the youth of the skin which is renewed in depth and stimulated in its vital functions, with visible effects on blemishes, acne marks and scars.

The right formula is enough to correct the signs of aging. Helix Derm offers it with the serum and cream box, a winning combination to help the skin to defend itself daily from those internal and external factors that have an impact on the life of all of us, starting from the air we breathe, from our diet or from the movement we make.

bava di lumaca

The contents in the snail slime stimulate the production of collagen and elastin by repairing the signs of age and minimize the damage caused by the free radicals responsible for premature aging of the skin. And with a single gesture, repeated morning and evening, the serum and cream immediately illuminate and revitalize the complexion, making the skin more toned, smooth and radiant day after day. The advice is to first apply the serum, making it completely absorb, and after two minutes the cream, after a perfect cleansing of the face.

Helix derm

I have just started and I already see the results: reduced wrinkles and my skin appears less marked, more toned, elastic and with a luminous complexion. In 50-60 days, which is the average time it takes for cells to regenerate, I’ll let you know better. Meanwhile, I am already convinced that this small investment deserves because it ensures a high yield. Helix Derm guarantees the results even in the presence of aesthetic problems caused by sunburns or scars, but in this case it is necessary to increase the daily applications to three.

Helix derm

If you also want to try contact and buy the Combo pack 98% snail slime Serum and 70% snail slime Cream, a special beauty elixir with a fresh and delicate scent, which is immediately absorbed leaving the skin fresh and dry, reactivating the youth of the epidermis based on ingredients of the all natural, without silicones, parabens and petrolatum, produced entirely in Italy.

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