The life… new line by Angelisa Loschiavo


The book “The blue, the tree and new line” by Angelisa Loschiavo published by Giazira Scritture, does form fully part in our “LettureontheRoad” because it describes a journey, physical, to an island, but also one interior to oneself: a path that each player, getting lost in the pages of the novel, can make through a story that entertains and moves at the same time. The protagonist is Dalia and the book begins by telling a very delicate phase of her life that seems to have ended in a dead-end track.

But close to Dalia at some point there is Eleanor, who, with a failed marriage, feels the need to rethink everything. They will meet on the island which, despite not appearing in the title of the book, is then the real main actor of the whole story, not only as a place where the events take place, but also as a protagonist with an identity all its own. On this trip to the Island, Dalia know Eleanor, and then Miriam, Alessandro and Roberto: protagonists of a novel where friendship and the need for genuine roots are the engine of a story that is based on the importance of being earnest and that presents itself from the first page as the main way for a peaceful life and oriented to self-awareness.

A kind of “second life” that leads to start all over again, leaving behind the ruins of the past. And in the end everyone will be able to answer the questions that inevitably will arise reading the first pages: there is a chance to rebuild their lives? Is there a second chance? Read “The blue, the tree and new line” can give you a little help in dealing with those for each of us are the decisive steps of our existence: that each of us can find his island or at least his house on branches of a tall tree that hover between the blue sky.

Angelisa Loschiavo
Il blu, l’albero e a capo
Giazira Scritture
€ 13

(Ph. di Michele Natale)