Falsopepe: lunch between friends


Places of taste that not only see the client in the traditional sense, but consider the added values such as empathy and satisfaction. Upon arriving you feel immediately at ease. Just a glance to evaluate the courtesy, hospitality, the pleasure to offer and to receive, to conceive their work not as an obligation, but as a commitment to satisfy the customer. We are in Massafra to Falsopepe, restaurant wine shop where love and passion for cooking and hospitality are assets that are handed down from mother to son.

We always come back gladly by Vincenzo Madaro and his mother Anna Maria in their restaurant  ready to welcome guests in the best way and in every season. In summer it is lovely to dine on the terrace from which you look at the roofs of the town. Since 2004 here the quality of the food is sought in pleasure, in taste. All this without neglecting the aesthetic and cultural and local dish. Anna Maria and Vincenzo are convinced that elegance of the presentation and a “communication” of quality have a decisive role.

In the plates of Falsopepe you can feel ever a taste for good food, for the happy combination of ingredients that blend perfectly creating harmony of aromas and flavors. While the atmosphere is familiar from the content number of tables and by carefully selecting furnishings. And the owners who seem hosts from their guests.

The philosophy of Anna Maria is a dish that should express both the personality of the kitchen and to the territory of origin. And so it is from the basket of breads: at carobs, at nuts, at olives. Then the pumpkin flan broccoli, burratina on gazpacho broccoli, cucumbers and onions, rolls pork loin breaded and stuffed with melted cheese with fried artichokes and cream potatoes, mashed beans and chicory with toast bread. Do not miss the splash of local meats served with chunks of delicious jelly pomegranate and a plate of fried olives. On the appetizers an interesting product of Cantine Carpentiere born making in wine white a black wine par excellence, Nero di Troia: Come d’incanto. Among first dishes, the choice falls on noodles with pesto artichoke and nuts on cheese fondue; among the  main dishes on the shin of pork stewed with potatoes. Are just a few suggestions to choose from the many dishes, all freshly made. Dishes accurate, several second season, where vegetables are always a place in the foreground. And on which Vincenzo combines another amazing wine, Sinergiedeisensi Primitivo, made from grapes from Vinicola Savese, who also bottled and Pietraventosa, part of the wine aged in oak barrels for 12 months and part in capasone for 8 months.

We end with a sweet candy of the house and a slice of chocolate cake and pear on cream with rum and cinnamon, on which we betray the Puglia and drink a glass of Barolo Chinato.

Via II S.S. Medici, Massafra (TA)
Info: +39 099 880 46 87 – +39 348 042 05 41