We like to tell family stories, in which the main ingredients are creativity and craftsmanship. It could, therefore, not tempt us that of Rossi, a brand “for connoisseurs”, which since 1931 tells the Italian beauty of decorative paper, writing paper, notebooks and more. Beauty that since then, when in Borgo San Lorenzo in Tuscany, Antonio Rossi opened his print shop, enchants even today.

The tradition tipically Italian of the “beautiful writing”

Shortly after the Second World War, during the difficult years of Reconstruction, Giorgio, son of Antonio, had the idea and the courage to change the business structure inherited from the father and typography became a stationery company. The goal was to make more and more artistic the work and was achieved thanks to the presence of Patrizia, wife of Giorgio, who had attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

The new chapter, which carries the tradition in the modern world, is in the hands of Matteo and Taddeo, grandsons of the founder Antonio. Thanks to them in recent times have been initiated important collaborations with the world of fashion and has extended overseas sales network in markets such as the American, Anglo-Saxon and Japanese, who account for 80 percent of production.

In short, today the Rossi products are found in the best shops thus continuing to follow the path set by his grandfather Antonio and continued by father Giorgio who in turn passed it to his sons, and that led to the tradition of the Florentine chancellery worldwide.

Ross': cancelleria dal 1931

Those of us who chooses Rossi products, somehow chosen Florence and that special charm that the Tuscan city that has always emanates. And from which it is captured especially those who cultivate the pleasure of writing on quality paper.

Rossi: cancelleria dal 1931

Now you can only imagine my joy when it arrived from Borgo San Lorenzo the pack with the precious “pieces” of collections representing the memory Rossi since 1931! Michele found me like that, as a surprise little girl with her hands in the jam jar, and one by one, pulled out of stationery products, with eyes bright and happy face.

Rossi: cancelleria dal 1931

Already projected to determine which notebook or pocketbook would accompany us in the next trips. Or who I wrote and sent a letter using those cards and those envelopes so beautiful. Or, again, what I wrote down on happy notebooks with the flowers, the notebook from the air of the past or of the smallest and most elegant of the cover designed with ethereal periwinkle feathers.

Rossi: cancelleria dal 1931

And a sense of ownership has taken hold of me when, smoothing it with my hand, I thought the writing paper decorated with blue and gold peacock feathers is really too good to send it to someone! While dedicated to gifts is a cute set of envelopes with strap, which is represented on a skunk with a sharp nose. Thought to accompany chic luggage the golden labels in the shape of fish, while figures of owls, which are not on the dresser but ancient and exclusive illustrations, decorate tickets for all uses, but perfect for sending unforgettable written words, as the same descriptive card suggest.

Take in plain sight on the desk, however, the notebook dedicated to the musician Pietro Mascagni, the exclusive burgundy cover on which a musical passage has impressed of his masterpiece, the famous “Cavalleria Rusticana”. It seems almost a crime to write on its pages, but Rossi came to the rescue, because within the rich package there are also three comfortable pencils with eraser end, which not only write at home on notepads, but also and especially on the road. For who travels knows that the pencil is ideal in all situations because, unlike the pen, do not stop writing even when used vertically or at temperatures below freezing.

What to add? Only thanks a Rossi company that since 1931 deals with creativity, quality and love to take care of the Italian tradition of “beautiful writing”.

Rossi Carta e biglietti dal 1931
Via della Tintoria 3, Borgo San Lorenzo (FI)
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