The way we remember Arturo is to continue to tell the trips with him in sixteen years of our life together. Here we speak of our tour of the French Riviera, Provence and the Camargue in 4 legs and 4 paws.

Our tours in the South of France

It is travel a little ‘time ago, so a premise is a must. The atmosphere we experienced then it is certainly very different from today. The sad events of recent times took place in Paris and in Nice have certainly an important role in addressing today traveling to lands that we could ever be considered “dangerous” a bit ‘of years ago.

On second thought, before you begin to tell our adventures in the Alps, goes to as in France the dogs are treated: sometimes better than those who accompany them! And in this regard we like to give space to a beautiful memory that concerns our Arturo.

costa azzurra

We had just arrived in Aix-en-Provence and through the reception of our hotel we wanted to book dinner in a restaurant, trying to explain that we wanted to bring our dog with us. But, it will be our joint French to English or the incomprehensible accent of receptionist, which we later found out to be a native of northern France (do you remember the movie Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis?), and his silly face, I do not we agreed and so we gave up. Arrived in the beautiful terrace of the restaurant, with well-laid tables and illuminated by the light of candles, we understand why our request appeared to the boy as absurd.

In France, in most restaurants there is no need to announce that it is in the company of a “hairy.” Indeed to us has happened that even before you order something from the menu, came a gentle girl who asked us if she could bring water to the dog. And to our yes, promptly she took a bucket with ice now dissolved by the next table who was clearing and laid him on the floor to drink Arturo. The gesture left us amazed and made us understand how it would be welcomed our four-legged friends a bit ‘everywhere… often better than us!

costa azzurra

After this funny story, let’s go back to our tours in the South of France, noting that they are “souvenirs”, travel memories, not a real guide with tips and advice that usually we put in our posts.

We have been there twice. The first on their honeymoon, when Arturo was not yet arrived in our lives (we will break two years later), and the second, after some time with him.

costa azzurra

costa azzurraThe first stop was Cannes. Obligatory stroll along the promenade, the legendary Croisette, and souvenir photos in front of the Palais des Festivals where every year crowning the new king of the screen, as well as shooting on the beach in front of the Carlton, superb and elegant in its Deco style, a real monument to the past hundred years, it has seen in its 343 rooms politicians, champions, artists, monarchs and many, many movie stars.

Nearby, do not miss the stop in Saint-Paul de Vence, one of the best preserved medieval towns in the region. Here, in the serene tranquility of the village, they are still a rite stopping in cafes among the olive trees and pétanque.

costa azzurra

Worth the walk on Rue Grande overlooked by the beautiful stone houses of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, while on the Place de la Grande Fontaine dominates the nineteenth century fountain.

costa azzurra

On the hill La Gardette, reachable on foot, you can admire one of the most interesting private collections all over Europe in the Maeght Foundation (623 Chemin des Gardettes, Saint-Paul-de-Vence – Tel. +33 328 1630493 – On a street, which can also visit the Museum named after Fernand Léger (255 Chemin du Val de Pome, Biot – Tel. +33 04 92 915020) in Biot, with its facade decorated with a large mosaic inspired by the panel created in 1951 for the Milan’s Triennale.

costa azzurra

Our tour to museums also included the Picasso Museum (Place Mariejol, Antibes – Tel. +33 04 92 905420) in Antibes, housed in the Grimaldi Castle, an artist’s studio time and even before the residence of the lords of the town. The museum contains a collection of works donated to the city by the Spanish painter.

costa azzurra

costa azzurraFrom its terrace adorned with aromatic plants and sculptures by Miro, Germaine Richier and César, the view sweeps over the walls and on the peninsula of Cap d’Antibes, the scene of the sweet life narrated by the American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald in his novels.

The town has an old world charm and it’s nice to get lost among the cobbled streets and alleyways with an irregular, and then on to the Marché Provençal, a feast for the eyes and the palate. On banquets, under the glass roof and cast iron, they show financial products that have preserved the flavors and scents of the past.

Our advice? Stop at one of the tables and ordered the “moules”, mussels Provencal with garlic and parsley, served in typical glazed ceramic pots alongside the inevitable fries.


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