Polette eyewear, a golden touch


The Seventies are back on the catwalks of this season and with them the style of icons like Farrah Fawcett. And the sunglasses, to complete the mood under the sign of the Seventies with formal frames, different nuances and gradient lenses, dressing every look with a sophisticated allure and in trend. But above all ready to be purchased online. Just have a look at the site of polette (www.polette.com) and choose between male and female models, precious details, modern design.

Many are the suggestions of this French brand, but all with one simple but innovative idea behind: there are no intermediaries between the manufacturer and the customer. The idea to offer, through the internet, a massive selection of frames and lenses provided by its own factories, came to the young French businessman Pierre Wizman when he was 16, when he decided to leave his studies and set up his first company. In August of 2011, with the help of Pauline Cousseau, his associate, he launches the first website. And in October of the same year they make their first sale and as of today, they still remember the name of their very first customer!

Since then, their sales are still growing and their brand is among the most popular thanks to advertisement campaigns focused on provocation and humor on air on the main French channels. Another strength is the young staff, dynamic and from different background, who takes care of the customer from the product to the packaging.

The frames and lenses are supplied directly, so that the prices of the frames can be monitored, matching those of the factory and ranging from 9.99 to 49.99 dollars for frames and up to 9.99 to 89.99 dollars for the lenses. L’Usine à lunettes by Polette is thus able to offer highly competitive prices without losing on quality, with discounts up to 80% below normal market prices. But this is not all. In this way, in fact, not only anyone can afford style and quality on the many offered models, but also choose among a wide range of lenses, with each type of correction and any anti-reflective and anti-scratching. My choice among many models, all appealing, was not easy and in the end I went for Mauritanie, an elegant metal frame with its lozenge shape and its brown lenses is an explicit homage to the great Hollywood stars: oversized and golden Faye Dunaway would also have liked them, a woman by “edgy” and unmistakable the beauty, very Seventies. So thanks to polette, when I wear them I feel a bit diva too!

Info: www.polette.com

(Traduzione di Monia Saponaro)