To feel at home


Everywhere blossoms a table, a chair, an element that pays tribute to the design and creativity. And behind each seat and each lamp you are recognized signature of masters and architects. It’s pleasant this mix of old and new, that caresses the idea of a holiday but also a lifestyle free and fluid, with materials that flirting with winning furnishing trend that wants unique and singular pieces combined with family furnishings.

An address for refined and curious travelers where to feel at home with five suites each dedicated to a theme: this is the b&b Camera a Sud in Bovino ( The 1900 room is a tribute to the age of the building, with the original furnishings of the time; then Terra, Sacro and Profano, Il Tempo e il Viaggio. The heart of this sought refuge is the multifunctional space with a long antique table prepared in the morning for the breakfast. Small but well-stocked is the kitchen with coffee machine and a fridge for guests, while in the pantry walnut that dominates the living room there is everything you need to be able to enjoy like at home fast snacks or more elaborate meals.

A staircase leads to what will become a relaxation room to read a book or meditate with a glass of wine from the ancient relics that this house has “brought”, still waiting for the right location. The plus? The view over the roofs of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy! Bovino, with its narrow streets paved with river stones, churches and palaces by the wonderful portals carved in stone and roofs adorned by romanelle, as well as being added to this list is also part of the “Bandiere Arancioni” from the Touring Club.

To underline that we are “happened” the room dedicated to the trip and could not be otherwise! In the bathroom on the tiles, the ballooning of Fornasetti and among the unique items that decorate the room, the lamps hanging from the sides of the bed in the middle of the room and the nightstands made by Gaetano, goldsmith and lover of old fruit trees, on a design by Michele, architect. Chatting with the two brothers, it emerged that the passions are so many at home Nicastro. Michele, who worked in Genova in one of the more interesting studies of architecture in Italy, he returned to Bovino to follow his b&b, while Gaetano, with his wife, gave birth to the project “Porta del Sud”, through which he organizes summer courses of Italian language for students between 12 and 19 years old, but also to University students and adults, combined with practical courses and workshops in drawing, mosaic or pastry.

For a relaxing holiday in the center of a village where time seems to stand still, but also for a full immersion in the culture and traditions bovinesi. Guests have access to eight bikes to run around in the woods for the more daring and two city bikes for those who prefer the tranquility of a walk through the narrow streets. And for those of us traveling with his four-legged friend there is the option of staying at the second hotel owned by the family: the b&b Il Trifoglio, a nice house in the countryside outside the village.

Camera a Sud

piazza Marino Boffa 13-14-15, Bovino – Foggia
Info: +39 0881 966073 – Fax +39 0881 966073
+39 347 4895141 Gaetano – +39 3409626317 Michele –

B&B Il Trifoglio

piazza Giovanni XXIII, 15 Bovino – Foggia
Info: +39 0881 961205
+39 347 4895141 – +39 335 8223301