Its name is Fiorentina and is the sirloin of beef tenderloin with high minimum two centimeters and a half. But it is above all a unique steak in the world. Because unique is its taste that varies from season to season and from place to place. And art is cooking it in the best way, the grill and never open flame and then served rare with pepper, salt and the idea of extra-virgin olive oil in the right amounts.

Not only “lady” Fiorentina on the table


But the simple and sublime cuisine of Tuscany is not only Fiorentina feeds. To make them good company on the table there are finocchiona, a big salami flavored with fennel seeds; soppressata, galantine of head and pork tongue with pistachios; lardo di Colonnata, seasoned with garlic and salt with chopped herbs and then dipped in marble basins where it seasons; and the famous pecorino more or less seasoned.
fiorentinaBut you can not, absolutely can not do without starting lunches and dinners with fettunta, seasoned bread with the “novo” oil and crostini with chicken liver and veal spleen. Among the first courses of our favorites are the ribollita, a kind of soup of beans and cabbage that is prepared, allowed to stand, and baked in the oven the next day, and the pappardelle with hare or wild boar.


In areas of Arezzo and Siena taste pici, homemade spaghetti topped in various ways: we like “cacio e pepe” with cheese and pepper. A simple dish today rose to the rank of refined specialties, is pappa al pomodoro, the tomato soup prepared a little ‘anywhere with bread, broth and tomatoes cooked with oil, garlic, basil and pepper.

If “lady” Fiorentina is the queen of the main courses, the best are also the tagliata and the peposi, hocks beef stew cooked with tomatoes, red wine and lots of pepper.

img_1540-1Workhorse of many Tuscan trattorias is the tripe that, along with the lamprey, is a classic in Florence, where both represent the rulers of street food. Many cities in the kiosks that are called “lampredottai” and serving the abomasum, one of the four stomachs of cattle, which is boiled for a long time in the broth, in rolls with salt and pepper or with the classic green sauce made of parsley, boiled egg, capers and anchovies.

If you wish to experience the edge of the paranormal, do like us and treat yourself to a dinner based on giblets! At Bella Ciao (Via Volterrana 8, Giogoli – Tel. +39 055 741502 – – to the foot of the hill on which stands the church of St. Alexander, tripe and lamprey in many variations offered as appetizers, main and second plates with the surplus to be served on a large and cool terrace overlooking the hills of Scandicci near Florence. In menu typical dishes of Tuscan and Florentine cuisine, but also pizza. We opted for a starter based of tripe prepared in various ways, followed by carpaccio of tripe and lamprey with porcini mushrooms, listening to the good advice of smiling and courteous owner.


As a side dish can not miss the beans prepared “al fiasco” e “all’uccelletto”. The first are so called because it was once stuck objects in a fiasco without straw, along with water, oil, garlic, rosemary and sage, using the heat of the ash to a slow cooking. The name of the latter probably comes from the kind of aromas used for the sauce, pepper and sage, often used for the preparation of the famous Tuscan birds, like pigeons, quails, thrushes and woodcock.


You still have a place? Then taste the cantuccini soaked in the Vin Santo: a classic Tuscan dulcis in fundo.


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