The trulli of the Bioagriturismo La casa degli Uccellini were part of a 1800 farm that once stood in the area of ‘Serra del Porco’, in the countryside immersed in the dense forests between Martina Franca, Alberobello, Noci, Massafra and Mottola. A small country road climbs the hills and leads to the top of a small hill green stained by lilac lavender bushes, which dominates the valley.


When Marilù and Piero fell in love were little more than ruins, hidden in the bushes of the Mediterranean. Once it acquires the property was given priority to certified organic farm birth that has existed for ten years. Then, began the reconstruction, in total respect of the nature of the place and what was left of the trulli, the farmer’s house in Lamia and the stone barnyard. And from three years they have become a haven for friends and travelers looking for a bit ‘of quiet and a family and relaxed atmosphere.

Genuine ecological house in the green


The meeting with the interior designer Bepi Povia was then critical to realizing the wishes of Marilù. All the original elements were in fact restored and created a cozy convivial area where the kitchen dining area was derived where you have breakfast in the morning if the weather does not allow to do it outdoors. Guests can also use it to prepare their meals and as an area of encounters and exchanges.


Three rooms with private entrance and all have heating with underfloor heating, free wi-fi, organic toiletries, hairdryer. Each is furnished with furniture made with poor materials, essential but also a bit ‘naive, enriched by the creative recycling of farmers tools. In many niches set in the thick walls beliefs are formed, as in the past. The valuable collection of rain water in the large tank and the use of alternative energies, finally, are elements that guarantee a stay in an authentic ecological house


The whole structure, which consists of a single statement, has a fairytale appearance. Pagliaio is the large room set in a trullo where once piled the hay is on two levels, with skylight on top of that the lights from above. The double bed is on the mezzanine floor which is accessed by a wooden staircase, while another double bed is placed at the bottom. Civetta is the master bedroom made in lamia dominated by a fire of great proportions that stands out on the white wall. Our room is called Calandrella: this made in lamia from the barrel vault and with a few select furnishings such as antique mirror that gives a chic tone to the room from the dusty and soothing tones.


After a good night’s sleep, the next morning is the curiosity about the origin of the name of Bioagriturismo. Then, during the delicious breakfast made with local products such as burrata and capocollo and delicious cakes and chocolate muffins with homemade organic ingredients by the owner, as well as freshly baked bread, we ask Marilù why she called La Casa degli Uccellini this little farm between Martina Franca and Noci campaigns. And that she tells us it is a good story!

“This place and all the countryside around were completely abandoned in the ’60s and had become the home of hunters who lurked in the bushes and in the huts, but since we bought eleven years ago here no longer feel gunshots, so It has become La Casa degli Uccellini and my daughter, who was very small at the time, to give its name”.


Now only around stillness and silence. The campaign comes alive only for the collection of summer and winter orchard fruits, for sowing and harvesting chickpeas, blacks chickpeas and grass peas and the wheat harvest Senatore Cappelli, all in dry farming according to the dictates of Piero who by profession is agronomist. While for Marilù this really is a second life because until very recently was in charge of the family business that manufactures office furniture in nearby Martina Franca.


But here she has found her true dimension and you certainly can not blame her: the time we spent at La Casa degli Uccellini has expanded nicely between walks in the woods where we met murgesi horses grazing and the sense of peace experienced among white walls of the farm, so that we would not want to leave!

Bioagriturismo La Casa degli Uccellini
Strada Lamia Nuova, Martina Franca – Taranto
Info: +39 335 5838637 –


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