Malta mon amour

Christmas is over and the Easter holidays are still far away. It ‘s time to think about not to miss the chance to leave with him or her to a magical place. Imagine lying quietly on your chaise longue to sip a glass of wine, looking at the horizon of the sea, after a day of exciting outdoor activities, waiting for a massage that will precede a delicious dinner. How much would you tease know that sitting next to you is your partner and you are celebrating together a romantic anniversary, between charming rooms, restaurants full of atmosphere, breathtaking scenery?

This and much more can happen in Malta, which is perfectly suited as a backdrop to the perfect love story. Less than two hours flight from Italy, the historic archipelago lies between the clear water in the middle of the Mediterranean, it is suitable for romantic encounters of all kinds to live intensely with the other half of your heart.

Small charming boutique hotel furnished with elegance and taste, or large structures with an endless list of services available: choose what best suits your style. Many suggestions: from Casa Ellul in Valletta ( to Quaint Boutique Hotels in Gozo ( So what are you waiting? Fly to Malta to pamper and be pampered. SPA excellent melt any tension with luxurious treatments, maybe torque, such as those on the menu of spas Myoka, present in many 5* hotels on the island.

Outside the walls hotel awaits you a world that excites the senses: delicious cuisine, cultural attractions that cover 7,000 years of history, a spectacular nature. Especially if you’re a fan of the outdoors, the perfect climate of Malta makes it ideal for walking, hiking, but also sports activities for every level of fitness.
Some other tips: to offer more meditative yoga sessions on the beach, while the most active climbing on the cliffs overlooking the sea. Who wants to be outdoors, but in doing nothing, we recommend to be lulled by the waves by renting a sailboat for a romantic aperitif at sunset near the impressive beauty of the Blue Lagoon.

And if you want to give vent to some small amorous skirmish, take advantage of initiatives such as Zanetti Football Training Camp that, between sports competition and motivational lessons with the undisputed champion Javier Zanetti, can foster an atmosphere of understanding accomplice in the pair.
However, before leaving, do not forget to check the calendar of events throughout the year take visitors with proposals of all kinds. For example: have you noticed that in the week before Valentine’s Day is celebrated the Carnival? This means one thing: fun!

The carnival week in Malta, which this year celebrates February 5 to 9, traces its origins to the fifteenth century, but it was with the arrival of the Knights of St. John in 1535, the festivities took on a form with impressive tournaments of skill and fashion shows. Today the heart of joy that characterizes this time of year is the capital, Valletta, although in all the villages and towns of the Archipelago residents find way to indulge each following their own traditions.

On the Gozo‘s island Nadur it is the catalytic center of the biggest festivities: the carnival here any hint of the original thanks to the grotesque masks worn by the participants spontaneously roam the country organizing fun goliardie involving also the audience. The events attract thousands of people and the Carnival in Malta and Gozo is always a festival of international scope.

As for us, we’ll try to get to Malta as soon as possible to spend a few days at their doorstep, but we still do not know whether to let us pamper your partner or get involved from the colorful Carnival of Malta!

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