Favignana, the Blue Island

Once you unload in Favignana, the most difficult choice is that of the colour of the sea in which to bathe. Docking by boat, the first image presented to the eye is drawn by the ancient blocks, the old tuna fishery. The best way to visit this butterfly shaped island is to hire bicycles or scooters, by which you can reach the most inviting coves and the more evocative “punte”.

First though, we have a quick ride in the fishing village to admire the nineteenth-century Palazzo Florio, on which the dazzling sunlight reflects. Then, we get on a scooter and leave for the sandy bay of Cala Azzurra. We immediately realize where its name comes from: from the intense color of the sea. After a plunge that we recommend to try, we head towards Cala Rossa, with its turquoise waters. Before reaching the bay you will come across the open pit tufa quarries from which, in the past, the building blocks known as “centuni” were extracted. They were destined for export and were shipped from the cove. But Cala Rossa takes its name from the colour of its waters during the bloody battle of Egadi between Romans and Carthaginians, which occurred in 214 B.C. during the first Punic War. Immersing in its crystalline and refreshing waters, we soon forget the sad origin of its name as well as the hard, steep and dusty road that we had to take to reach it. Another dive site not to be missed is Cala del Bue Marino.

The tour of the island continues circumnavigating the mount Santa Caterina and going towards Punta Sottile, passing the islet of Preveto, where the waters are dominated by a turquoise which is difficult to describe in words, despite the strong wind that ruffles the sea on this side of the island. Punta Faraglione is the area of the island with the more jagged coastline, while the sandy beaches are those of Burrone and Praia, a long golden stretch near the center of Favignana which is well equipped and ideal for families with children. Before leaving the island by hydrofoil back to Marsala, souvenirs worth taking are the ventresca, the meat of the tuna’s lower belly preserved in oil, sweet and exquisite; the tarantello, the upper part of the tuna, soft and also delicious; the buzzonaglia, the meat closest to the circulation of the blood, darker, less valuable but more flavorsome, ideal for pasta sauces.


Aliscafi Ustica Lines
From Marsala port.
Info: www.usticalines.it callcenter@usticalines.it – +39 0923 873813

Noleggio bici e motorini
Panzica Easy Rent
Largo San Leonardo
Info: +39 347 4367613 – +39 320 7962414

Bar Cavallo
Large Salads bowls and ice cream in one of the most attractive areas of the island.
Contrada Cavallo 75
Info: +39 328 1336045 – +39 350 5043285

Antica Tonnara di Favignana Antonio Tammaro
Largo San Leonardo 7 (Molo aliscafi)
Info: www.anticatonnaradifavignana.com – +39 333 4559472

The portal of the Egadi Islands, which aims to inform tourists in the best way.

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