Arturo: valutazione 5 ossiRoccagloriosa ( is a small village halfway between sea and mountains. “This house was the modest home of Giurò, a pastor who was in charge of the estate” – tells us Ester Finamore, the owner who wanted to call Le Stalle di Giurò his refuge beside a forest in the estate I Petrosi, where we walk together to Arturo search of goats. The house is located just outside the nearby village, at the end of a country lane of the ancient times, surrounded by the wild beauty of this green area that overlooks Mount Bulgheria.

Humble like its origins, but of delicate beauty and surrounded by silence, once the house included different types of buildings: besides the main one, there was the pigsty, the henhouse, the local to milk the goats and make cheese, the stables and the big house where they were shorn sheep and goats.

“A poor architecture but kept an old and discreet charm: it was only to bring it back to light” – continues Ester. Divided on two levels that do not affect the natural slope of the hill on which it lies, the house has kept the original volume and structure: a ground floor, part of which once used as a stable, now reorganized so as to accommodate the rooms of the bed&breakfast, and the upper floor has been converted into rooms overlooking the scenic landscape. Particular attention was paid to the choice of materials: where it was possible to have been preserved as the original. Same fate for the stone walls, left exposed where they were still in “good health” from a functional and aesthetic point of view. “If we exclude the construction of bathrooms, the retrofit of the electrical system and all the works of restoration, it was not done nothing”.

And crossing the threshold input you have the impression that time has stood still: the rough walls, the old floor, the wooden ceiling punctuated by massive beams, a few simple pieces of furniture and objects full of memories and rich in emotions. The living room, which is the entrance and reception, is decorated in a simple and informal style. The furniture is almost all family pieces, antiques or recovered, often from rural tradition or from a past of intimacy. The kitchen recovers the flavor of the interior of the country: at the center of the room heated by a fireplace, rustic wooden table in the morning is set for breakfast with local products, from jams to biscuits, sweets and fruit to fresh eggs, and that during the summer is served under the arcade.

In old stone stables have been converted rooms, all with names of birds: Frungilli, Gallo sbruffone, Gallinaccio, Galline in fuga e Faraona. Here too, the choice of materials was studied by following the track of what you could recover: the furniture has been created with furniture made from recycled wood that was then painted and decorated by the owner thereby revealing his passion, painting. Our room is Gallinaccio: comfortable and equipped with a large bathroom, but especially so silent that we have reconciled restful sleep long forgotten. Also in the upstairs room, Il terrazzino, and in the residence The Cascinella, the apartment that has a kitchen far from the main house, the decor reflects the personality of the house-owner who tells us: “I love the house where you can breathe a real life and I prefer the charm of antique or recycled because it never goes out of fashion, is full of history, always it has the flavor of a family thing”.

Here, in Roccagloriosa, country of origin of the family of Ester, a rule applies for generations, meant as spell or anathema: those fallen away, at the end here is always returned. It is happened also to Ester that in this place in the woods frequented by family’s goats and away from it all, recharge and invites her guests to share the relaxing rhythms of country life. To restore the spirit but also experience the magic feeling of stepping back in time.

Le Stalle di Giurò
Tenuta “I Petrosi”, Roccagloriosa – Salerno
Info:+39 339 7810443 –


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