Cilento’s blue sea

From Roccagloriosa you can easily reach the sea and of course we could not give up a dip in the most blue of Italy: the province of Salerno shows off 12 Blue Flags this year with the new entry of Capaccio-Paestum. From Agropoli to Sapri, in fact, follow each other bays and beaches, caves and hidden coves, often accessible only by sea. One of the most beautiful stretches of the coast is between Palinuro and Marina di Camerota.

Our advice? Explore rocky coves and sea caves by sea. Different solutions are available: from the rental of dinghies and speedboats in complete autonomy to tour even custom aboard comfortable boats driven by experienced skippers to explore the coast to Porto degli Infreschi, so named for the freshwater springs that flow cold from the bottom already used by the Greeks as natural “refrigerator” and subsequently exploited for the local tuna fishery of which today there is no trace.

We have chosen this second solution and we boarded the boat of Captain Dominic Antò (Marina di Camerota, harbor area, at the harbor office – +39 339 1431522) that has led us to the discovery of the magnificent caves accessible only by sea starting from Grotta Azzurra, large and imposing. But what makes it unique is the strange phenomenon that through an underwater tunnel and the light of the sun, the lights giving it a structure surreal by turquoise reflections. The Blood Cave, however, owes its name to the iron oxide that tints of the dark red walls rich of stalactites and stalagmites. Bone fragments dating back to the Pleistocene ice age can be seen in the Cave of Bones which shows how the whole area of Palinuro was inhabited since prehistoric times.

The tour can be stopped for a refreshing swimming breaks and ends at the Bay of Pozzallo where you can take the beach and even stop for a bite at the local cafe. The afternoon spent lazy among pleasant swimming in the clear waters of the bay and sunbathing on the sand of small pebbles, interspersed by the snack of golden and fries anchovies and a fresh and fragrant fresella topped with pickled garden vegetables, olives, tomatoes, anchovies and basil.

Staying on the theme of the sea, suggested a walk in Scario, colorful and pretty little village lapped by the waters of the Gulf of Policastro. The gourmand stop? U ‘Zifaro (Lungomare Marconi 43, +39 0974 986397 – +39 339 7592635 – where not only you can taste delicious seafood, but we chat amiably with the owner Vito Troccoli, Antonio’s son nicknamed U ‘Zifaro, sea bird much like the gull. It can also happen to have lunch or dinner next to Francesco De Gregori, great friend of Vito and that never fails to stop here when he is in the area.

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