Not only beautiful … but also well made! This is the spirit that animates the sandals produced by Le Salentine, the company based in Ruffano in Salento, where the passion for fashion, style and creativity take shape through the hundred percent artisan know-how of Gabriele Casarano.

From Ruffano in the world

“Our sandals are the result of passion, creativity and tradition” – he tells us. “I was sixteen when I started working as a model maker. Then in 1999 I founded, together with my wife, Le Salentine, with the aim of making handcrafted and strictly made in Italy sandals”.


For Gabriele it is important not only to propose creations that conquer his customers, who can find Le Salentine shoes in over 300 stores throughout Italy, but also and above all respect for tradition by choosing natural and quality materials and handing down a technique ancient.

The result is a wide range of sandals in bright and vivid colors and in the incisive details of the land in which they are produced, the Salento. With a secret that is not too difficult to discover: quality.

So let’s call it art craft, this drawing, sewing, weaving, from which these accessories of extraordinary craftsmanship derive, made with passion and patience, which have the added advantage of being timeless and therefore never go out of fashion.


Many models to choose from and we do not hide that we had some difficulty in doing so and that we accepted Gabriele’s proposal by opting for the best-selling model of this summer 2019: the slave sandal, which we preferred in natural leather, a shade that over time it takes on an increasingly warm and “lived” nuance. But as we said there is really the embarrassment of the choice between the creations rich in details and produced with quality materials that give life both to simple and traditional sandals and to models that re-interpret the classics in a modern key.

For over twenty years Le Salentine has been carrying on the tradition of handmade sandal, taking care of every detail: from the design to the choice of raw materials to the attention paid to every stage of production and to the choice of collaborators.

And the creations from the Basso Salento, step by step, are reaching the rest of the world to finish, literally, at the feet of cosmopolitan women, sophisticated but also versatile. And I with a certain satisfaction are among these and I will bring my Le Salentine sandals around in the itineraries and places of Città Meridiane. Follow our footsteps! And pay attention to our feet … soon we could show off other models made in Ruffano.

Le Salentine
Via 11 Settembre 2001, 12 – Ruffano (Lecce)
Info: 0833 1807296 – 340 78200888


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