In the countryside between Cisternino and Fasano there is Masseria Capece, a world from another time. A charming dwelling surrounded by acres of woods and olive groves with monumental trees.

Masseria Capece: in the Cistranese countryside between the olive trees and the sea

Once through the gate, a long avenue leads to a romantic courtyard with an ancient and graceful little church now used as a reception.

The history of the farm is very old, certainly prior to the date shown on the lily-shaped emblem on the entrance arch of the large mill that was built in 1846 and used until the 1960s. Still in its entirety there are three types of presses: in wood, the so-called mammarelle, in cast iron, and in steel, driven by a hydraulic hand pump. And there is also the stone basin with the three stone millstones that were operated with the traction of a horse.

A high wall hides the 5000 meter citrus grove where many varieties of fruit trees live together. There is not a precise production line, but it goes to feeling, choosing the most typical plants of the territory, often looking in the memory, in the memories and in the smells of nature.

All have a name, a godfather or a godmother and each a different story, including lemons, oranges, vanilla oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, cedars, bergamots, Spanish silts, apricot trees, pear trees, lotuses, quince apple trees, rowans, medlar, mulberries, figs, pomegranates. Behind the large citrus grove there is an almond grove and, scattered along the dry stone walls, thick patches of prickly pears and sculptural carob trees.

It is nice to walk here at sunset, when the air cools a little and the dust becomes gold that glitters between the leaves: you get lost in your thoughts, imagining the stories behind the names written on the tree trunks.

Very interesting to explore the farm: the stables and the large rooms all whitewashed with lime milk immersed in an enchanted landscape between the woods of the slopes of the Murge and the plain of olive trees that stands out to the sea. A more complete view can be had from the large space used as a farmyard which today hosts various events, including the Festival dei Sensi.

Every corner of the farmhouse overlooks the countryside, which so floods every space: the six rooms, five on the ground floor and one on the first floor, all characterized by beautiful vaulted stone and barrel vaults, enjoy a special view on the green.

Corte Fiorita is derived from the ancient stables and is a nucleus of four apartments that overlook lush gardens, fragrant and colored with citrus fruits, aromatic plants and local essences.

We of Città Meridiane with our Otto were guests of one of these suites, which take their name from the fruit trees in the farm and which all have a fenced green area for exclusive use and are therefore ideal for those of us traveling with just four legs for those who prefer to relax in peace.


Melograno overlooks the largest private garden of the court, where a beautiful pomegranate, which gives it its name, and two carob trees, appear green. Cotogno under the beautiful vaulted ceilings houses a living room with sofa bed, bathroom with extra large shower and double bedroom. Ciliegio has a single barrel vault of considerable size under which there is a living room, bathroom and double bedroom. Mandorlo, which was ours, is the smallest and most harvested.

Located along one of the sides of the citrus grove, there is Limone apartment, with a living room with a sofa bed, a kitchen with an antique fireplace, a bathroom with an oversized shower and a double bedroom, also with an ancient fireplace.

On the first floor of the large building that houses the mill there is the master suite Fico d’India, which was the residence of the “Padrone” during the harvest periods or hunting expeditions. It consists of a kitchen, a living room with a table of eight, a main bathroom and a service bathroom, three bedrooms and large terraces overlooking the expanse of ancient olive trees.

The concept of subtraction has been applied throughout the furniture, as the De Carolis-Romito family, who inherited the farm and made it a delightful agriturismo, is convinced that a rural interior should synthesize the idea of ​​simplicity, combining the functions of hospitality and events to those more traditionally productive.

In an atmosphere that becomes even more magical in the evening when the suggestion of the place is doubled by the lighting with small lights that shine in the intense blue evening sky. A word game? Here at Masseria Capece everything is perfectly imperfect.

Masseria Capece
Contrada Gianecchia SP 5 Fasano – Cisternino – Cisternino (BR)
Info: +39 339 7965654 – +39 080 4425680


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