I have always been convinced that pin in a notebook or a scratch pad their own experiences and emotions is to dilate and to relive them to return. And also to give them a new sense. So I always devoted to writing travel diaries a lot of my time: stop on a page relevant experience allows them not to run away. To try new emotions even after many years. And keep a journal becomes a pleasure. As well as a pleasure is to choose the most suitable one.

Maria Elena Colopi’s creations

And since I met Maria Elena Colopi, the pleasure of deciding what the next or most appropriate to the subject, has become even more intense and intriguing. Maria Elena is a graphic designer from Lecce, soul of Lacimossaparlante, which proposes her creations.

diari di viaggio

The chosen name intrigues me and brings me back to my childhood when I heard it repeat often by my aunt seamstress…
The selvage is in fact the cut not edge of a piece of fabric, the right and left side when coming out from the frame. And when reports written, acronyms, trademarks or other conventional signs is called speaker selvedge. Maria Elena tells that a dear friend has written, when she said him the name that she had chosen: “The selvage was the eraser of the blackboard and there were those who knew the throw at the girls, with such a force that seemed to speak…”.

diari di viaggio

She continues: “In truth I had thought of that term because the edge of the fabric when it reports written or trademarks is defined speaker selvedge, and I feel a bit “edge” when I embroidery. The board includes the work and, thus, as the graphic designer creates and signing his posters in the perpendicular to the base, I rework the drawings, which are often of Carlo, my husband, or Donato, my son. They paint, I “steal”, I ask permission, transformed and then: from the Design to the Sign, from the Sign to the Embroidery. The box of cottons is my palette”.

Returning to notebooks, Maria Elena for hobby and passion, likes to create any size, in a short discounted materials such as straw paper, and rebind them herself with covers with flaps in cardboard, cotton stitching and white flyleaf or by contrasting colors.

diari di viaggio

Once used, then, and completed from cover to cover, they become precious books with fragments of memory, but also emotions and affections even stopped forever on paper. And it is always nice to browse through them, read them, touching them with your fingers, bringing to mind the good memories, places visited, people met. Everyone writes his diaries in his own way.

Mine? I do so: I log on the road every day just three words. Then I return to rewrite the experience from those three guiding concepts: and it is like reliving everything! Sometimes I add also some quick sketch, a drawing on the fly or attack with a little ‘of scotch postcards and business cards. Then I quote most of the writings on the computer inputting, to complete, the gallery of photos taken by Michele.

diari di viaggio

But Lacimossaparlante is not only diaries, notebooks and notepads. Maria Elena unleashes her imagination making napkin rings and jewelry in copper wire crocheted, mild and impalpable curtains swaying paintings that become filled with light, magnets with embroidered tissue recovery from grandmothers and Dreamcatcher crocheting, ideal as an auspicious gift, maybe for next Christmas. Maria Elena shows them hanging from the ceiling adding: “let the spider web trap your best memories, and the bad ones to pass through the center hole and vanish into thin air”. What better hope?


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