The method that Francesco D’Apollo used for its Le Nicchie Guest House is recommended to anyone who is struggling with home furnishings: create a “moodboard” that is a collage of images to be taken as a reference point to avoid go off topic.

dsc_0780Le Nicchie’s moodboard collects dusty colors and the warm tones of the typical farms of Puglia perfectly attuned to the sweet hilly landscape, as well as the symmetrical repetition of some reasons, the niches in the walls, which gave the name to the structure.

Another character that identifies and distinguishes the guest house has the charm of the real life: each room, tacked in all shades of white, welcomes elements linked to the tradition, collected by the owners a bit ‘everywhere.

Outside the villa, in Lucera countrysides overlooking the Mountains of Daunia, it has a modern look in the center of a well-kept garden. A staircase leads to a large open space onto which all the rooms and the bright input connected to the reception and breakfast room.

The white, in its most warm and buttery tones, reigns everywhere

The white, in its most warm and buttery tones, reigns everywhere helping to give the impression of entering a family home decorated according to the canons of a revisited tradition.


The interior has been completely revolutionized by a personal interpretation recovery of Francesco who wanted to preserve the spirit of the place and its historical references. But above all he wanted to remember space through decorative motifs playing with textures, embossing, the optical effects obtained by playing on the contrast between light and dark, dull and bright.


Reasons that are repeated on the walls in different sizes used in a contemporary language and become the main theme of a glamor house with spacious and sunny terraces overlooking the soft Daunia hills.

The candid colors are repeated in the restaurant with large terrace, run by Nicola, and six rooms, all different, but united by the classic and elegant furnishings liaison and sleep quality ensured by excellent mattresses and pillows.

In homage to the territory of the city of Lucera, all rooms are named after districts of its agro. The smaller the ground floor, intimate and private, is called “Villani” and is also ideal for use in single. “Carpentieri” is the Standard Room, available with double bed or two single beds. Two Junior Suites, “Monsignore” and “Torremazza”, which present the same rural chic style that connotes full Le Nicchie Guest House, here amplified by drapes hanging on the bed that make aircraft canopies.


There are also two Master Suites, spacious and very comfortable with sitting area and large bathroom. Between the two, “La Marchesa” and “Spaccatornese”, our for one night was the second where we rested in the suggestion of an endless summer, lit by the soft glow of candles, in a cozy and refined atmosphere.

First, however, we treated ourselves to a tasty dinner, pampered by Francesco and Nicola, who welcomed us like old friends at their table letting us sample local delicacies such as pancotto, local cold meats and cheeses and the extraordinary nicchiella, a sort of frisella not too soft nor too hard, crispy at the right point and seasoned in various ways and according to the season!


For those who need a ‘foothold’ for work, a few hours of privacy or simply a relaxing break, Le Nicchie Guest House also offers the possibility to book a room or a suite in day use, only for daylight hours without time limits: a formula to which are opening up different structures and offering the opportunity to look beyond the more traditional vision of the hotel which, therefore, is no longer seen only as a point of arrival and departure of a journey, but as a multi-service place.

Le Nicchie Guest House
Strada Vicinale Perazzo 5 Contrada Pampanelle, Lucera – Foggia
Info: +39 0881 548676 – –

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