In the suitcase: “Il mondo visto di Traversa”

Read travel stories of Michele Traversa is like taking a cold shower on a hot summer afternoon. Or like a cold beer by the sea followed by a slice of icy watermelon, perhaps in one of the many beautiful bays of the Bari coast between Giovinazzo and Monopoli. And knowing Michele definitely appreciate this especially my second suggestion. The book published by Les Flauners is the second of Michael in which are collected his travel memories.

In addition to the first “Per vie traverse”, published by Stilo in 2006, “Il mondo visto di Traversa”, is even brighter thanks to the alternation, in the story, the experience from solo traveler to the world those experienced in pairs with his wife Eleonora and also, subsequently, with the two “Traversini” Martina and Niccolò. Already born travelers too. In fact our author reveals that on the occasion of two “galley slaves” trips are conceived the two small future globetrotters. Eleanor discovered to be pregnant by Martina during what Michael called “the journey that changed my life”, the 41-day tour of Australia which was not only their wonderful honeymoon, but also the beginning of the their new daily adventure, that of parents. Even Niccolò was conceived during a holiday in Switzerland, exactly the Jungfrau mountain in the Canton of Valais and the canton of Bern. A place where in addition to skiing, and Michael and Eleanor do not ski, there is not much else to do, but where the journalist Bari confides to his readers, “the cabin feature with heated floor reserved a pleasant surprise to return. Leaved in three, we would come back in four”.

Since that time the Traversa family trips are organized “at measurement station wagon” with dad Michele luggage next to which are placed the mother Eleanor pastel green trolley, mini pink suitcase with Barbie and Ken of Martina and the small bag red with Cars prints of Nicholas. In short, the Traversa street traveler has come a long way. He told the world seen through the eyes of a boy a bit ‘hippie’ “who looked like Sandy Marton” with blond long hair and a bit ‘of pounds lighter than those that now resembles a gentle giant ready smile and embrace sincere and overwhelming. Then he wrote of his press tour around the planet through which he made the acquaintance of the strangest rituals and customs in various countries alongside colleagues of all nationalities. And finally, he has delighted readers with his rounds in the family, who have just started and are likely to become a delicious torment. So we are already waiting for the next book of the adventures of the Traversa Family!

Reading this text, beautifully square and the nice cover of which depicts in way of comic the little family to the complete aboard a small airplane, it runs smoothly and catches the attention by stimulating the curiosity of the reader, story after story, live the adventures of Michele almost firsthand. And even if you do not know the author, you became his friend, enchanted by the description of places, but above all, of “special” situations. Very interesting the form published at the end of each story that offers a typical recipe of the zones described in the book, recalling not only the passion for good food of Michele, but also his ability to talk about it often as a wine and food journalist. If you really need to find a flaw in the pages of this volume is the use of photographs a little ‘ anonymous that tell not muche the adventures of the Traversa which often mentions his close Nikon, but you do not see results.

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