When I met Maria Elena Savini for the first time she excited me her laughing look! Bright eyes with which transmits all her enthusiasm and her passion for her work. Maria Elena is an Apulian doc and in combines the two souls of the region, the earth and the sea: elements that bring her back to her roots but which also contain a sense of great freedom.

Mediterranean Luxury in the jewels by
Maria Elena Savini

SaviniJewelsHer “journey” to the world of jewelry made of glazed ceramic, starts from afar.

She graduated in scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari in 2004, then specializing in scenography and becoming passionate about photography. For several years her world has been the stage of theaters.

Later, she felt the need to create something of her own and approached ceramics a little at a time, experimenting first with other materials such as wood and papier-mâché.

SaviniJewels born as a reworking of ancient art and strongly linked to the territory, which molds the terracotta: Maria Elena is fascinated by this modeling material, elastic and fragile that she makes precious up to the point of turning it into jewelry.


SaviniJewelsHer bet is to make many women fall in love with her creations, overcoming their fear of “breaking up” and involving them in her concept of Mediterranean Luxury.

“Because craftsmanship, manual skills, uniqueness, creativity and Made in Italy are the real luxury” – she explains to me, stressing with satisfaction that her pieces are destined to remain unique as works of art.

“Nature has infinite colors and shapes that together create a scenario of wonder”. And she translates her words into jewels composed of leaves, nuts, almonds, spindles, drops, flowers and animals in ceramics, where the iridescent shades dress necks and hands in an intimate and sensual way.


“I tried to instill in my creations energy, femininity and emotions that can accompany women in everyday life. Creations that make her feel free while wearing her jewel”.


Each piece is designed and manufactured strictly by hand in her workshop in Mola di Bari where she continually experiments forms and new techniques to give life a rare creation, “the jewel with the soul”. A jewel in which a balanced relationship between craftsmanship and innovation, elegance and personality emerges.


This was a year full of surprises for SaviniJewels with participation in special events such as the Monstrum Apuliae parade and exhibition at Palazzo Pesce di Mola, the presence at Battiti Live with the jewels worn by co-host Celeste Savino and the fifth edition of FashionPuglia in Ostuni for which Maria Elena has realized not only the jewels for the presenter Jo Squillo and for the organizer Merilù Barbaro but also, for the second consecutive year, the three sculpture prizes for the winners of the great emerging fashion kermesse of the South.


SaviniJewelsAll this was combined with the launch of highly iconic ad hoc collections such as Shapes, for fall-winter 2017/18, with which Maria Elena looks at dynamism in form but at the same time makes them fluid and enveloping through the crackle effect and the enamel in gold and platinum.

In the Gocce collection, on the other hand, the concept is absolute minimal, which plays with color contrasts, from the most delicate in white crackle enamel and gold to the completely mat ones in burnished steel enamel and those characterized by pure color.


In Luxury, the absolute protagonists of the décolleté, the pendants, real jewel sculptures of iridescent colors, of her fantastic animal world supported by a very thin gold-plated silver chain: panthers, lions, toucans.


And then, enveloping and stiff around the neck, flamingos in blue and proud horses with iron gray cloak, sprinkled with gold, one of the last creations admired in preview. These include the very bright pendant that Maria Elena has designed for me, a precious piece glazed in platinum and gold which, with my great pleasure, has been added to the “luggage” of Città Meridiane.


But our collaboration will continue in the near future: not only will I wear my creations in my globetrotter tours, but together we are thinking of a line completely dedicated to the theme of travel!
Naturally, sharing the philosophy of Maria Elena: living the jewel with the eyes of an artist who, with her beautiful creations, wants to shine even those of others.

Via Cadetto 16, Mola di Bari (Ba)
Info: tel. +39 392 0513366 – savini.elena@gmail.com


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